A snow blower - also called a snow thrower - is a machine that makes it possible to clear large areas of snow and ice quickly and efficiently. In contrast to a snow shovel or a snow witch, you can move forward much faster with this motorised device: the machine handles large amounts of snow and ice and is particularly suitable for those who regularly have to deal with large amounts of snow.

Snow ploughs use ice-cutting blades to cut through ice or frozen snow before the snow is blown away. It is important to note that snow blowers come in a variety of widths. The wider the working width of the snow blower and the higher the maximum snow clearing height, the more snow can be picked up and cleared. Larger snow blowers are thus equipped with a more powerful engine.

In addition to the most powerful petrol-powered snow blowers, which are mainly recommended for professionals and very large areas such as car parks, there are also mains-powered and battery-powered snow blowers. As battery-powered snow blowers offer great mobility and are the cheapest option, they are often used to clear snow from walkways or short driveways. An alternative that lies in the middle in terms of price and performance are mains-powered snow blowers. They basically offer more power than battery-powered models, but are less manoeuvrable because of the mains unit and can therefore not be used everywhere. They are perfect for clearing medium-sized driveways and walkways near a power socket.

To make work easier in the early morning or evening, some snow blowers are also equipped with additional headlights. In addition, the discharge chute can be easily adjusted on most models and clearing blades can be fitted on some. This allows you to make the most of the power of your snow blower even when there is little snowfall. However, if you are working on steep surfaces, a caterpillar drive or the use of snow chains is recommended.

Whether you're looking for a battery, mains or petrol-powered snow thrower, you'll find snow blowers from Husqvarna, McCulloch, Hecht and many other brands here, ready to clear every driveway and path of snow and ice.