Leaf vacuums + Leaf blowers

Autumn is a natural spectacle every year: the deciduous trees show themselves in many colours before the leaves fall. What is beautiful to the eye can be disturbing on paths and lawns: When wet, the foliage becomes extremely slippery and on the lawn too much foliage can lead to rot.

For smaller areas a rake is sufficient, but for larger areas a leaf vacuum cleaner or a leaf blower is a practical device. Unlike the leaf blower, the former sucks up the leaves and collects them in a container. With most machines, the leaves are crushed directly. This is practical because the crushed leaves require much less volume. It can also be composted much faster when shredded.

Some vacuum cleaners can also be used as leaf blowers by reversing the airflow. In this way, it can be collected in one place to suck it up there. Vacuum cleaners with rechargeable batteries offer great flexibility, but are not as powerful. Mains operated units are cheap and powerful, but must be kept "on a leash". The compromise is petrol-driven: powerful and independent of location, but you have to refuel it regularly.

A leaf blower is a machine that produces an air stream with which leaves are blown on the ground. This makes it easy to remove leaves from terraces, streets and garden areas. Especially with recurring and at the same time physically demanding tasks such as leaf blowing, it is important to leave a good machine at work.

Here you will find a wide range of the brands Bosch, Black & Decker, Husqvarna, Einhell, Gardena and many more.

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Bosch - ALB 36 LI (Rechargeable battery operated)

Einhell - Battery Vacuum Cleaner GE-CL 36 Li E Solo - without Battery/Charger (Rechargeable battery operated, Vacuum cleaners & blowers)

Makita - Akku-Gebläse (Rechargeable battery operated)

Kärcher - BLV 18-200 Battery (Rechargeable battery operated, leaf vacuums)

Bosch - ALB 18 LI (Rechargeable battery operated)

Kärcher - BLV 36-240 (Rechargeable battery operated, leaf vacuums)

Gardena - PowerJet Li-40 (Rechargeable battery operated)

Makita - DUB184Z Battery leaf blower

Gardena - Set Outdoor Handsauger EasyClean Li (Rechargeable battery operated, leaf vacuums)

Gardena - ErgoJet 2500 (Electrical connection, leaf blower)

Bosch - ALB 36 LI - without battery (Rechargeable battery operated)

Bosch - UniversalGardenTidy

McCulloch - leaf blower GB355BP (Petrol)

Bosch - ALS 25 CH- Version (Electrical connection, leaf blower, leaf vacuums)

Gardena - EasyClean Li (Rechargeable battery operated, leaf blower)