Robot lawnmowers

Put your feet up and doze in the sun instead of pushing the lawnmower around. Sound good? Then maybe you should think about getting a robot lawnmower. Robot lawnmowers are great as regular cutting makes lawns thicker and more resistant.

The technically impressive robot lawnmowers do almost all the work themselves. The smart technology makes the robot return to the power station to recharge when its battery is low. All you have to do before first use is to run the perimeter wire so the robot knows where the lawn ends and the flower bed begins. However, all robots leave a tiny uncut edge.

The robot’s blades only cut a few millimetres at a time. These grass clippings can be left on the lawn and will provide it with nutrients (mulch method).

Not all robot lawnmowers are suitable for every kind of garden. When selecting a model, the size of the lawn and possible slopes should be kept in mind. Very steep slopes (around over 20°) limit or disable the use of robot mowers.

Further criteria for choosing the right model are the minimum width of paths, height-adjustable cutting length, noise emission and space requirement of the base station.

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