Hot tubs

You like to treat yourself to a bit of luxury and don't want to do without a whirlpool at home? You don't have to!
The whirlpool - also called hot tub, jacuzzi or spa - is a water basin with adjustable
temperature, in which powerful water jets or rather gentler air bubbles can be activated by jets installed under the water. In addition to the relaxing whirlpool bath, you can create a soft and flat or strong and selective massage of different body regions (e.g. back, feet, thighs, ...).

The pleasant experience of bathing in warm sparkling water has been used for centuries and is called hydrotherapy. The combination of soothing warmth, natural buoyancy in the water and massaging water currents is good for both body and soul. Blood vessels dilate, muscular tensions are released and joints become more flexible again.

Whirlpools usually accommodate three to eight people and are available in different shapes (round, square, elliptical, ...), so that the right model can be found for every surface. Some pools are equipped with strong thermal insulation and are therefore also very suitable for outdoor use. The warm water makes it very pleasant to bathe in the open air. Many of the jacuzzis are heatable and keep the water at a constant temperature by means of a temperature regulator - this means that they can also be used in winter.

A distinction is made between permanently installed and portable spas. Fixed-mounted spas are usually found on verandas or indoors, for example, while portable and inflatable models are compact and transportable. They can be set up both indoors and outdoors within minutes and then easily folded up again and stowed away to save space. Although on average more affordable than fixed pools, they differ in the lower pumping capacity, are more vulnerable to physical impact and are usually not winterproof.
A canopy on both pool models provides effective protection against dirt and impurities in the water. Some of the hot tubs offer sophisticated additional features: Light, aromatherapy and massage functions offer maximum relaxation in your own personal oasis of well-being.