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Adhesive tape

Adhesive tape is the unsung hero of homes, offices, workshops, and industrial settings, entrusted with binding, sealing, and mounting. Its simplicity belies its critical role in tasks ranging from basic item repairs and crafting projects, to installation of electrical components and construction sealing. Diverse types are catered to various customer needs, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast working on home improvement, an artist needing reliable adhesion for materials, or a professional in need of sturdy and durable tape for heavier-duty applications.

When selecting the right adhesive tape for your needs, pay attention to the width, which directly influences the tape's holding power and coverage area. A typical tape width, like the commonly available 25mm, offers a good balance for general usage, but consider the specific requirements of your task to choose narrower or wider options. Other important factors include the adhesive strength, resistance to elements like moisture and heat, and whether the tape is single or double-sided. To filter for the ideal product, simply refine your search by these properties, making it easier to find a tape that matches the durability, flexibility, and adhesion you require.

Our selection includes an array of reputable brands producing high-quality adhesive tapes. Hanno, for instance, provides Joint sealing tapes that excel in thermal insulation tasks. Meanwhile, tesa’s Powerbond mounting tape Ultra Strong is a go-to for heavy-duty mounting needs. Scotch's adhesive tape 550 offers a transparent solution for discrete sticking and mending, making it a versatile choice for offices and schools. For the entertainment industry and beyond, Advance's AT 170 Gaffa-Tape is renowned for its robustness and residue-free removal, especially on stage sets and in event venues. 3M comes into play with their Double-sided high-performance adhesive tape, ideal for applications requiring an invisible yet resilient bond. Whether securing cables, sealing windows, or undertaking creative projects, our curated collection caters to every taping task. Our customer service team is always ready to provide guidance as you select the adhesive tape that is best suited to your particular needs.