Glue accessories

Dive into the world of adhesive solutions with our diverse selection of glue accessories that cater to a gamut of needs, whether for intricate crafting projects, household repairs, or professional construction tasks. Our assortment provides everything from convenient self-adhesive weights by EP, designed to balance and stabilize objects with ease, to Himg's comprehensive repair kits perfect for addressing surface damage and wear. Discover Schwaiger's esteemed Galaxus, a product synonymous with reliability in adhesion across various applications.

For those requiring precision in their gluing endeavors, Rotert's Glue pot TS Boy is a standout choice—ideal for controlled application and maintaining the glue at optimal temperatures. Meanwhile, Virutex continues to revolutionize edge bonding tasks with their Edge Trimmer AU 93, a tool crafted to deliver flawless finishes on countertops, furniture, and carpentry projects. Ranging from essential tools that facilitate smooth adhesive applications to innovative repair solutions, our catalogue is well-equipped to support both professionals and DIY enthusiasts in achieving strong, durable bonds on a multitude of surfaces. Shop with us and ensure that your work sticks the right way, every time.