Delve into the world of wood products within our online shop, where the natural aesthetic of timber is celebrated in every form. Whether you are a hobbyist looking to create your next masterpiece from handicraft plywood, or in need of robust beech wood for construction or even firewood to warm those chilly evenings, our selection caters to your needs. Our range includes a variety of wood types and sizes from exclusive brands such as DIY-Wood, known for their top-selling handicraft plywood A4; Innovesta and Bischofberger Holz, both praised for their beech wood in stere; Mgb and Fischer², which are sought-after for their high-quality firewood. Each brand's dedication to quality ensures that you have access to the finest wood for any project or purpose.

When considering the properties of wood for your specific needs, there are various factors to take into account such as grain, hardness, durability, moisture content, and finishing. For DIY projects, consider the ease of cutting and shaping the wood. Filtering by size, such as A4 sheets of plywood, may be relevant for small-scale crafts. For those in search of wood for fuel, properties like dryness and energy content will be of prime importance to ensure a clean and efficient burn. Beech wood is known for its excellent combustion properties, making it a popular option for both heating and cooking. Our intuitive online filters allow you to seamlessly sort through our offerings to pinpoint the perfect match based on your specific criteria, ensuring a convenient shopping experience that leads you to the ideal wood for your project or heating needs.