Adhesive nails + Adhesive hooks

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    by Pia Seidel

Adhesive nails + Adhesive hooks

Adhesive nails and adhesive hooks are a simple and reliable solution to easily hang up pictures, towels or other objects without drilling a hole or hammering in a nail. Fixing objects to the wall without a hammer and drill is not only much less complicated, but also much gentler on your walls. Such adhesive mounting solutions are particularly popular in rental apartments. So, your toolbox can stay in your basement or garage.

Adhesive hooks and adhesive nails are available from well-known adhesive tape brands such as Tesa or 3M, whose adhesive technology has long since proven itself in the market. There are other interesting brands that offer self-adhesive fastening and hanging solutions, too. Adhesive hooks, also known as glue-on hooks, are slightly weaker compared to adhesive nails. Most of them have a maximum load capacity of about 250 grammes to 1 kilogramme, which should be enough for most towels or smaller decorative objects. Most glue nails, on the other hand, easily support 2 to 3 kilogrammes and are therefore ideal for pictures and somewhat heavier objects. In addition, most adhesive nails can still be adjusted up or down, even if they are already stuck to the wall.

Adhesive nails are available for various different surfaces, such as tiles, wallpaper or plaster. To guarantee optimal performance, the mounting location should be considered when at the time of purchase. Most adhesive hooks, on the other hand, are best suited for tiles and glass, i.e. windows and mirrors.

The hooks and nails are stuck on using adhesive strips to a thoroughly cleaned, dry and dust-free surface. So, you’re completely free to choose the height at which you want to mount the hooks. Normally, firmly pressing on the nails and hooks to the adhesive strip for about five to ten seconds will do the trick.

This type of hook is not only practical and simple, but also ecological. The adhesive strips can be removed without leaving any trace or residue. This not only protects your walls. It also means the adhesive nails and hooks can be reused several times with any leftover adhesive strips or a set of replacement power strips. The weight-bearing capacity hardly decreases, even after several years of use.