Einhell GE-LC 36/35 Li Solo

Battery chain saw

Sword length

The Einhell GP-LC 36/35 Li-Solo cordless chainsaw features impressive attributes: flexibility, power and user-friendliness. As a member of the Power X-Change family the chainsaw is supplied with power from two high-performance 18 V batteries and is driven by an Einhell brushless motor, the brushless electric motor - far away from the nearest socket outlet. In addition, the cordless chainsaw has a high-quality OREGON guide bar and chain and a cutter rail length of 350 millimeters and a cutting speed of 15 m/s, so it even cuts through larger trunks. The chain can be changed and its tension adjusted without the need for any other tools. The robust claw stop is made of metal. For extra safety there is kickback protection, the instant-reaction chain brake and the chain catch bolt. The ergonomic handle with softgrip makes it comfortable to work with even on extended work sessions and tough material. Chain lubrication is automatic. A large opening is provided in the oil tank for topping up the oil. The oil tank has a capacity of 120 ml. This product comes without a battery or charger. These are available separately, for example as a practical PXC starter set in different performance levels.

Key specifications

Sword length
35 cm
4 kg
Scope of delivery
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Very good92/100Rank 2 out of 3
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