Simple solutions for the five most annoying summer fashion problems

Laura Scholz
Zurich, on 27.07.2022
Translation: Megan Cornish

Despite the sun’s rays tickling your face, the downsides of summer are unfortunately ever-present: sandals rubbing, thighs chafing, damp sweat stains. Read on to find out how to stop them.

You know it’s summer when ice cream turns into a socially acceptable main meal and fanning yourself with your hands, using an actual fan, and even air conditioning are all no match for the heat. Warmer weather has many advantages – vitamin D, holidays, said ice cream menu – but there are also one or two disadvantages, such as sweat stains, blisters and rubbing thighs. Because everyone definitely has better things to do when the weather is nice than worrying about such annoying things, here are some solutions for the five most annoying summer issues.

The problem: rubbing thighs

Bare, possibly slightly sweaty thighs rubbing together uncomfortably when walking or cycling is known as «chub rub». This can become painful over time and lead to redness and skin irritation. No, thank you!

The solution

In order to reduce friction and its effects to a minimum, it’s worth using a range of small tools. For example, there are special anti-friction sticks that are mainly used for running and cycling. Alternatively, you can use a blister stick or blister protection gel to apply a protective film on the inside of your thighs. Or, do you happen to have a silicone-based makeup primer at home? This also protects the skin on your legs from further damage.

Anti Wound Rubbing Stick (Stick)
Summersaver Anti Wound Rubbing Stick (Stick)
Superprimer - Universal Face Primer (Universal)
Clinique Superprimer - Universal Face Primer (Universal)

The problem: tight sandals and blisters

Your shoes are pinching. Maybe a strap is cutting into your toes, maybe the back is rubbing on your heel. No one gets through the summer unscathed.

The solution

Of course, the blister protection products above are also an option here. After all, they are intended for feet. However, it’s worth preventing too much friction from the outset. Break in new sandals at home, preferably with thick socks between skin and leather. If you’ve already identified any problem areas, a blast with the hairdryer can help the leather expand to fit your foot. If the shoe allows it, shoe trees are always a good way to widen sandals and straps a little.

The problem: slipping sunglasses

Everyone always wants that certain glow on their face. If it comes as a film of sweat, however, it’s less enjoyable. Especially when your sunglasses keep slipping off your nose.

The solution

My dear colleague Stephanie knows the ultimate hack for slipping sunglasses. I'll just say this: all it takes is two thin hair ties and the problem is solved. You can find her detailed instructions here:

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    Do your glasses keep slipping off? This incredibly easy trick solves the problem

The problem: strapless tops and dresses

More precisely, tops and dresses which just don’t want to stay in place below your shoulder. How tedious is having to pull your top or dress down after what feels like every time you move your hands?

The solution

Similar to the sunglasses tip, hair ties also come into play here. And safety pins. You simply join two pins together with a hair tie, then stretch them inside your top or dress under your arms from the front hem to the back hem. This creates two internal straps, which for once do not run across your shoulders but under your armpits. Now you can wave, clap and gesture as much as you want without any fabric slipping up over your shoulders.

The problem: sweat stains

The classic among summer drawbacks. Sweat constantly appearing unintentionally as a dark eyesore on clothing. Under the arms, on the chest, on the back. What can we do about it?

The solution

To be honest, sweating is a healthy bodily function that’s designed to cool it down. We all sweat, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Still want to do everything in your power to avoid stains as much as possible?

  • Material: breathable materials such as cotton, linen and silk make you sweat less quickly than synthetic fabrics. Anything that’s cut a little wider also allows a pleasantly refreshing breeze under your clothing and is not as prone to damp spots as tight-fitting garments.

  • Antiperspirant: thought all you needed was deodorant? This is primarily to make you smell good. So that you don’t perspire, i.e. produce moisture, aka sweat, you should make sure that your deodorant is also an antiperspirant – or get one.

  • Pads and powder: there are actually thin armpit pads that you can stick under your arms to absorb the sweat that escapes there. Baby powder is also a useful home remedy. Simply tap it onto problem areas and dab it (this works well under the breasts, for example), and there should be (almost) no trace of moisture left.

Antiperspirant Roll-On (roll-on, 50 ml)
Basler Antiperspirant Roll-On (roll-on, 50 ml)

So that’s all cut and dried, right? See you at the ice cream stand.

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