Do your glasses keep slipping off? This incredibly easy trick solves the problem

Do your glasses keep slipping off? This incredibly easy trick solves the problem

Stephanie Vinzens
Zurich, on 25.04.2022
Translation: Julia Graham

For years, my small nose and I have struggled with sunglasses slipping. In the end, it only took two hair bobbles and a few twists of the hand to put a stop to them slipping for good. Keep reading to find out how.

Glasses without nose pads really get on my nerves. People with a small nose know what I’m talking about. You put them on, run a little too energetically or look a little too far down and they’re already hanging off the tip of your nose. That being said, I almost always fall for sunglasses that don’t have those practical silicon pads. Wrapped up in enthusiasm, I forget how tedious it is to have to keep adjusting the things slipping every few minutes. And that’s only if I have a hand free to do so.

Take a recent example, for instance, when I was laden down with three parcels as I walked to the post office. When my sunglasses were already so crooked after 30 seconds that I had to walk the rest of the way not being able to see properly (and barely missing a pile of dog dirt), I resolved to put an end to this slippery dilemma.

Google weighed in with the following solutions: adhesive nose pads and a hack that only requires two hair bobbles. The first method initially sounded tempting. But I decided against it when I read some reviews which said that the adhesive pads don’t last long, are uncomfortable and leave a mess on your glasses. As I basically think hacks are scams, I also had my doubts about method two. Out of curiosity and because I have a smorgasbord of hair bobbles, I tried it anyway – and was absolutely flabbergasted at the result.

Here’s a quick and super easy guide to stop your glasses slipping:

Grab your troublesome glasses and two small hair bobbles – the ones without a metal insert.

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Thread the bobble round the back of the frame and wrap it around a few times until it’s firmly affixed. Push it up so that it roughly sits above the ear. Do the same on the other side.

Ta-da! Now you can put your glasses on and decide where’s the best place to position the hair bobble. The frame should now be a tighter fit so your glasses will slip down the bridge of your nose far less frequently. And in case you were wondering, you can hardly spot the little hair bobble helpers any more.

Try out this hack and let me know in the comments below how it works for you.

Header image: Eivarain via Unsplash

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