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Body lotions

The best recipe for soft skin is daily application of a nourishing body lotion or skin cream.
Whether body butter, body oil, body lotions or body milk - with our large selection of body care products, every skin type will find what they are looking for!

Not sure what you're looking for? Find our little guide to the different types below:

Body butter is - as the name suggests - particularly rich and nourishing. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for dry skin and as anti-aging care. It usually consists of body butter is usually made of cocoa or shea butter and is often made even more supple with additional oils.

Body oil
Many believe that a body oil is only suitable for very dry skin. But there are also so-called "dry" body oils that do not leave a typical greasy film on the skin and are thus also suitable for normal or rather oily skin. Body oils can be integrated particularly well into body care in winter, as they can regenerate heavily stressed skin.

Body lotion
Body lotions consist largely of water and are therefore particularly light. Many therefore find them the ideal care in summer. In addition to the usual water-oil base of body lotions, these contain additional ingredients such as aloe vera, urea or skin-firming substances. from water and are the ideal skin care especially in summer. Body lotions are well suited for normal, problem-free skin. People with dry skin are better advised to use body oils and body butters.

Body milk / body milk
The fat content of body milk or body milk is in usually higher than in lotion. The rich formulation makes this ideal for women and men who want to moisturize and oil their skin. Despite the rather thick texture, the commercial Bodymilks are nevertheless absorbed quickly.