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K-Tipp tests raclette grills

Murat Circi
Translation: Veronica Bielawski

Which raclette grills perform well? The consumer magazine K-Tipp looked at ten raclette grills with a top grill plate in its 28 October 2020 issue (No. 18/2020). They tested the raclette grills’ quality and stability in a specialised lab. Read on to see the results – which model came in first place, and how six other models performed.

The test

A total of ten raclette grills with a top grill plate were tested in the Applitest lab in Nuremberg. A practical test using cheese, zucchini and steaks was also done.

The following criteria were used to determine the winner:

  • Practical test
  • Ease of use
  • Temperature distribution
  • Robustness
  • Safety

During the practical test with cheese, the testers timed how long it takes for the cheese to melt. At the same time, they checked if the cheese browns or even burns. Finally, the lab also tried out each model’s grill plate using zucchini and meat. The «ease of use» criterion looks at the set-up and start-up of the appliance: is the raclette grill easy to use and can the cheese be pushed off the pan onto the plate easily? The lab also looked at how easy the raclette grills are to clean. Under «temperature distribution», the experts wanted to find out how evenly the temperature is distributed on the grill plate and how strong temperature differences are between the individual pans. To check the «robustness», the raclette grills and pans were tested for their susceptibility to scratches. Finally, the «safety» of each appliance was tested. The focus was on insulation: how hot do the handles and operating knobs on the grill become, and do they pose a risk of burns?

The result

The majority of the raclette grills passed the test with decent quality and stability. Two raclette grills were ranked as «good», five were «adequate» and only three were deemed «inadequate», according to K-Tipp.


Koenig’s «Duo 4 and more» won first place. It’s a raclette grill made of two parts that can be put together and taken apart again. It performed especially well in the practical test and the «temperature distribution» criterion. But the experts had difficulty with the meat – it didn’t cook through evenly. In addition, the lab criticised that a relatively large amount of smoke is produced when grilling. On the other hand, the raclette grill scored points thanks to its simple operation and even temperature distribution. Trisa’s «Connect 4 plus 4» came in second place, also with the ranking «good». It performed as well as the test winner in the practical test. It even had slightly better temperature distribution. The difference between the coldest and hottest pan was 37 degrees, which is actually quite small, compared to other raclette grills. But ease of use on the Trisa was criticised because the pans were not stable, among other issues.

The winner

2nd place


Five appliances received the overall mark «adequate». Prima Vista’s «Raclette-Grill for 8 people» from Landi is the cheapest appliance, but actually scored the highest in the practical test. But because the switch to regulate the temperature heated up to 77 degrees, the Prima Vista only got the mark «adequate» because of the risk of burns. Miostar’s «Raclette 8 Leggero», Stöckli’s «Cheeseboard V8», Satrap’s «Ignis XA8» and Manor’s «Basic 4in1» received the same overall rating.

5th place


Three raclette grills were not convincing in the test and received the overall mark «inadequate». In Primotecq’s «RAC8 Deluxe», the pan handles went all the way up to 75 degrees, which poses a risk of burns. WMF’s «Lono» and the «ORA 102CH» by Ok.- also got the mark «inadequate». In both raclette grills, the cheese melted unevenly in the pans and at different speeds. In addition, the temperature distribution on the grilling plate was uneven.

8th place

You can download the full K-Tipp raclette grill test here (in German) for a fee.

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