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Coffee machines or espresso machines can be divided into different coffee machine types such as fully automatic coffee machines, screen carrier machines, pad and capsule machines or filter coffee machines. Alternatively, coffee can also be brewed with an espresso pot or a coffee maker. The fully automatic coffee machine is one of the most popular coffee machine types. In these coffee machines, the coffee is prepared practically automatically. Thanks to the integrated coffee grinder, the coffee beans are freshly ground. From there, the ground material automatically enters the brewing unit of the coffee machine. The cleaning of this type of coffee machine is also usually automated. Screen carrier machines (often also called espresso machines) are a type of coffee machine in which the user can usually make numerous coffee machine settings and thus prepare the coffee exactly the way he wishes. Occasionally, espresso machines as well as fully automatic coffee machines have an integrated coffee grinder. During preparation, the coffee is ground into a so-called coffee sieve by means of an espresso machine and pressed down with a tamper. In most coffee machines of this type, the water temperature or brewing pressure can also be regulated manually. The well-known brands of screen carrier machines include Bezzera, Quick Mill, ECM, Zuriga and Lelit. Capsule machines and pad machines are often also called portion coffee machines. Capsule coffee machines are characterised above all by their simple operation and short preparation time. Compared to pad machines, not all coffee capsules of capsule machines are compatible with every coffee capsule system of the different coffee machines. So-called filter coffee machines use the direct brewing system, which is also used for manual filtration. Nowadays, modern coffee machines of this category often have additional functions such as an integrated grinder or timer functions. On many of these machines, the jug also serves as a thermos jug. With us you will find a large selection of coffee machines of the top brands such as De'Longhi, Siemens, Koenig, Krups, Saeco, Nespresso, Philips, Melitta, and many more. 

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