Coffee study: Does the stimulant also make you more efficient?
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Coffee study: Does the stimulant also make you more efficient?

Maike Jensen
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A good coffee is often associated with a good start to the (working) day. However, a study has now investigated whether it really boosts your performance and what effect it has on your brain.

Coffee. Hardly any other beverage is more popular and more commonplace. With a per capita consumption of 1345 cups per year, Germany is one of the most coffee-loving countries in the world. Switzerland follows somewhat behind with around 1070 cups. That makes about three to four coffees a day.

Consumption of coffee is correspondingly high.

Accordingly, there are many studies on the wakefulness-inducing hot drink. Most recently, an experiment analysed its influence on the brain. A team of researchers from the University Psychiatric Clinics (UPK) in Basel and the University of Basel studied 20 regular coffee drinkers for this purpose.

The subjects were tested on the basis of the results of the study.

The subjects, aged between 18 and 35, were given different tablets twice for a period of ten days: one time they were caffeine preparations, the other time placebos. After the ten days, the sleep quality was examined in the sleep laboratory. In addition, the substance of the grey matter was checked by brain scans.

Coffee worsens cognitive performance

. The result: the coffee-free period had no effect on sleep.
But: After the 10-day caffeine abstinence, the brain area that is particularly decisive for the ability to concentrate and the memory function had increased in volume. Mental performance thus increased in this area.

According to the co-leader of the study, this does not mean that caffeine has a negative influence on the brain structures. Because already after one and a half weeks, a regeneration of the so-called grey matter occurred. "So the changes in brain morphology seem to be temporary," says Dr Caroline Reichert. It only showed that daily coffee worsened the cognitive potential in everyday life.

Summary: It's not all bad after all - as long as you drink coffee in moderation. And for many, their morning cup is also a piece of quality of life. Editor Pia Seidel tells you how enriching it can be to make your own coffee.

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