Buy it, use it, resell it: it’s as easy as this
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Buy it, use it, resell it: it’s as easy as this

created on 09.04.2019
Have a Galaxus product at home that you don’t need anymore? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how easy it is to resell your used products you ordered from Galaxus.

This video gives you a quick guide on reselling products.

Reselling products in six easy steps

  • Click «Sell products» in your «customer account».
  • Select a product from your list and continue with «Sell now».
  • Select the condition your product is in. Uploading a picture of the product is optional.
  • Select the offer duration.
  • Specify the price.
  • «Publish»: Your product will now be offered for sale in the «Buy secondhand» section.

Your advantages

No need to add product information manually

As you originally purchased these products from Galaxus, you don't have to spend time entering product details and categorising your product. Simply select it from the list of your products in your customer account. All product-related data is stored there.

Maximum safety and fairness for buyers and sellers

Once your product has been purchased, the buyer transfers the price to Galaxus. As soon as the money has arrived, we send you an e-mail. This is when you send the product to the buyer. Once the buyer confirms receipt, we transfer the purchase price to your customer account.

Warranty services remain

Any warranty services that are still included are transferred to the new owner and In the event of any problems, our customer service team is happy to help.

No publication fees

No publication fee is charged. The entire service is offered by Digitec Galaxus at the following price-dependent commission fees only:

Sales price (CHF)Commission fee
Up to 99CHF 5.–
100 – 4995%
500 – 9994%
More than 1,0003%

The seller also pays the shipping costs.

Our General terms and conditions of resale (GTCoR) describe all the details of reselling products. In section 6.1, for instance, you can read up about which products are eligible for resale and which aren’t.

Go to the GTCoR’s.

Personal experience

Not convinced? In this article, Aurel tells us how he resold his LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon on Galaxus.

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