5 styling ideas: how hairbands turn a simple T-shirt into an eye-catcher

An elastic band and a few simple moves – that’s all you need to add sophistication to your basic shirt and get the most out of your wardrobe.

Knotting a loose T-shirt tighter in the front is one of the first styling hacks I learned. Today, however, I wouldn’t go for that trick anymore. Why? For one, it doesn’t look very stylish to me. But mainly, because it wears out the fabric. Instead, I go for hairbands. At worst, all they do is crease the fabric. And they allow you to unlock a range of looks.

My hairbands of choice are the transparent mini ones. As they’re see-through and particularly thin, the result is the neatest. But you can use any type of small elastic band.

So grab yourself a T-shirt and give my five fave hairband hacks a go!

1. Tidy tuck

No matter how carefully you tuck your tee into your pants, it just doesn’t look neat? Time to try out this trick! Grab some fabric just under your right breast and fold it to the left. Now attach a hairband to the bottom of the inside of your shirt; roughly at the height of your trousers’ waistband.

Next up, fold in the fabric gathers or tuck them into your pants.

2. Sideways swirl

This method is by far the simplest of all and my favourite. The swirl of fabric is unusual; the asymmetrical position interesting. To get this look, gather a little fabric on the inside of your T-shirt, just to the left of your breast, and attach the hairband.

3. The big short

I love the gathered triangle shape around my belly this cropped version creates. The shape really comes into its own when paired with high-waist trousers. To get the look, fold the hem of your T-shirt inwards until you have the desired length. Next, gather the fabric tightly around your waist and tie the remaining fabric at the front in the centre using a hairband.

As a last step, fold the fabric bunch inwards.

4. Close call

Combining baggy trousers with a loose-fitting T-shirt can tend to look unflattering. For a look that shows off your body a bit more, do the same thing as in look three, but in reverse. In other words, tie the fabric at the back instead of the front in the middle.

5. Diagonal dream

Not feeling a crop top but don’t want your T-shirt to be hanging down, either, you could opt for the middle ground. Throw in an asymmetrical silhouette and this basic item suddenly gets a lot more exciting. To get the look, tie some fabric together at the hem at the side in the front using a hair band, and fold it inwards.

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