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When taking babies and toddlers to the indoor or outdoor swimming pool or beach, safety is the top priority. So, in addition to sufficient sun protection, a high-quality swimsuit with UV-protection that dries quickly, is elastic and does not cut anywhere is also necessary (you can filter through our selection based on UV protection to find the swimwear that meets your needs). For the youngest swimmers, a swimming diaper is also a must to wrap up the baby's bottom and prevent mishaps in the water. We offer swim nappies and swimwear for all ages and needs from brands like Bambino Mio, Extend, Lässig, Kids or Tommy Hilfiger. 

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Floating nappy
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Bambino Mio Floating nappy
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Bambino Mio Schwimmset (XL)
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Bambino Mio Floating nappy (XL)