White wine

Buy white wine online: With us you will find a wide range of wines, whether you are looking for a Chardonnay, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. White wine is produced in all regions of the world. However, because white grape varieties require less heat and light for ripening than red grape varieties, they are also produced primarily in cooler wine-growing regions. Contrary to what many people expect, white wine is not made only from light-colored grapes. Usually only so-called white grape varieties are used, but this designation has nothing to do with the color of the grapes. The decisive factor is that the grape pulp contains hardly any colorants, while the shades of the grape skin can range from light yellow to red. For white wine production, the grapes are pressed after harvesting. During this process, the berry skin, which contains the color-giving pigments, and the pulp are released. While in red wine production the color pigments and tannins from the skin, seeds and pulp pass into the must, in white wine production only the must is used. So-called sulfurization prevents oxidation and makes the white wine more durable. The subsequent fermentation of the wine is initiated by the addition of yeast. During this process, the sugar is converted into alcohol. The alcoholic fermentation usually lasts six to eight days. After that, the yeast is removed and the wine is moved or bottled for aging and maturation. This usually takes between three and six months. Since white wines are often drunk relatively young, the storage time is also much shorter than for most red wines. When drinking white wine, the drinking temperature is crucial, since at too high a temperature certain components evaporate, affecting the taste. The optimal drinking temperature of white wine is between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius. Information on the drinking temperature on white wine bottles always refers to the temperature in the wine glass. The white wine should therefore always be stored in the bottle about 2 degrees Celsius cooler.