Looking for a cool drink? Find the right refreshment among our different types of beer.
Lager beers are the most common beers, made by the large industrial breweries
into light drinks with little pronounced aromas. They are generally light beers with a low alcohol content. Characteristic of lagers is that they are brewed with yeast that ferments at low temperatures. They have this technique in common with pilsner and bock beer. These beers were developed in the Czech Republic or in Germany. Ale beers made with top-fermenting yeast were originally drunk unchilled. The ales that originated in England generally have a strong personality and develop more aroma. They come in many varieties and all colours. The most popular is the Pale Ale. It owes its blonde colour to the use of the malt of the same name. Porter beers are traditionally brewed in London and made with a special malt blend. Stout beer is characterised by its colour, dense foam and slightly bitter taste. Hefeweiss beers are brewed from wheat, malted barley and sometimes spices. They can have different flavours. Weissbiers are roughly divided into Belgian Witbier and Bavarian Weizenbier. In addition, there are so-called special beers. Special beers are produced according to special brewing methods. Speciality beers combine a very wide variety of flavours. Trappist beer, for example, is brewed top-fermented and has strong, fruity aromas. Monastery beers, which are brewed by monks in Belgium, are usually somewhat stronger and have a higher alcohol content. Lambic beer is made with wild yeasts and is usually aged in oak barrels. Lambic beer thus undergoes a second fermentation. Seasonal beers are also speciality beers. For example, there are Christmas beers and Märzen beers that are sold seasonally and are usually only produced in limited quantities.