Buy cigarettes online at Galaxus. A cigarette is a smokable tobacco product made from the fermented, dried and finely cut leaves of the tobacco plant. The tobacco is stuffed, twisted, folded or rolled in paper.

With the cigar, the focus is clearly on the enjoyment of the smoke. Many use the cigar for a little time out from the stress of everyday life. The word "cigar" probably comes from the Spanish "cigarro", which in turn could have derived from "zicar", the Mayan word for tobacco. Cigars consist of a filler of dried and fermented tobacco leaves. These are enclosed by a so-called binder. Depending on the type of cigar, cut or whole tobacco leaves are used. Many cigars have an often artfully designed band of paper at the head end. This so-called cigar ring usually indicates the cigar variety and manufacture.

Compared to cigars, cigarillos are slightly smaller and hardly thicker and longer than a cigarette. Cigarillos therefore also have a much shorter smoking time.