Hot glue guns

The hot glue gun, also called hot glue gun, helps the hobbyist and do-it-yourselfer to realize creative projects. Our range covers well-known brands such as Bosch, Steinel, Rapid and many more. The purchase of the device pays off, because there are few materials that can not be glued with the hot glue gun. Entry-level models for occasional use are already available at affordable prices. For the model builder and ambitious do-it-yourselfer, devices from the medium to higher price segment are worthwhile, which are characterized by shorter heating times and stronger bonding performance.

The gun is filled with hot glue sticks. The device requires a certain heating-up time to be put into operation. The heating elements ensure that the hot-melt adhesive is brought to the appropriate temperature and liquefied. Now it can be pressed out of the front of the nozzle and applied to the workpiece.

The machines usually differ in terms of the type of power supply (power cable or rechargeable battery), the required heating time and melting temperature, as well as the accessories included, such as a charging station or a case for transport and storage. Safety features such as a heating status display or automatic switch-off can also influence the purchase decision.