Best products in the Tool batteries + Chargers category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Makita Tool battery BL1850B 197280-8

Tool Battery BL1850B 197280-8 Li-Ion with varying capacity, suitable for all corresponding Makita products.

2. Einhell PXC Starter Kit

The Starter Kit with two 18V 3.0 Ah Power X-Change batteries and the quick charger is part of the multifunctional and infinitely combinable Power X-Change battery system from Einhell. The universally applicable Power X-Change batteries provide all cordless tools of the entire product family in the garden and workshop area with power and endurance. The chargers in the range can also be used universally for all PXC batteries. The advantages for the customer are obvious: with one battery and one charger for all tools, you not only save considerable costs on the purchase, the universal application option protects the environment and at the same time offers flexibility in the home and garden. There is also no mess and no chaos with different batteries and chargers for each individual device. For the use of 36 volt devices, higher power and longer uninterrupted working time are provided by the two included batteries. The high-quality rechargeable batteries resist the memory effect and the self-discharge usual in batteries for constant, high power. The 18V 3.0 Ah Power X-Change is the ideal basic battery for the Power X-Change family and is also suitable for TWIN-PACK use in 36V applications. The process-controlled, active battery management system ABS constantly monitors the parameters of the battery with the aid of the microprocessor used. This ensures maximum safety, optimum device performance, maximum runtime and maximum service life. The current state of charge can be checked by means of a 3-stage LED display. Due to its construction, the housing resists dust, corrosion and mechanical influences. With the help of the recessed grip, the battery can be easily removed from all devices. The quick charger is compactly designed and thus requires little space, the integrated suspension eyes allow the charger to be easily mounted on the wall. 

3. Bosch Professional ProCORE

Battery pack ProCORE 18 Volt, 8.0 Ah. The high-performance battery from Bosch Professional. Powerful: 87 percent more power - thanks to a new generation of cells combined with Bosch's own expertise in rechargeable batteries. Compatible: 100 percent compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V tools and chargers - thanks to Flexible Power System. Durable: Up to 135 percent longer life than a conventional battery pack - thanks to improved Coolpack 2.0 technology to protect the battery from overheating. 

4. Makita BL1860B

High performance battery, no memory effect, high impact resistance. Uses intelligent Makstar charging technology. Compatible charger 18V: DC18RC Fast charger & DC18SD Standard charger & DC18RD Double fast charger & DC18SE charger with 12V connection. 

5. Makita energy kit

Makita Energy Kit consisting of lithium-ion battery BL1830B and quick charger DC18RC. Makita BL1830B lithium-ion battery: Battery capacity: 3.0 Ah / 54 Wh; Makita DC18RC charger: The quick charger ensures long battery life thanks to active cooling. Features: Battery voltage from 14.4 to 18 V; Display of charging status: Charging time 1.3 Ah: 15 min; Charging time 2.0 Ah: 24 min; Charging time 3.0 Ah: 22 min; Charging time 4.0 Ah: 36 min; Charging time 5.0 Ah: 45 min; Charging time 6.0 Ah: 55 min. 

6. Bosch Professional GBA Professional

The durable 18-volt XL battery with 5.0 Ah and CoolPack technology. Another 25 percent longer mileage (compare with 4.0-Ah battery). CoolPack technology for up to 100 percent longer service life (see battery without CoolPack). Bosch flexible Power System: Battery suitable for all devices of a volt class. Extremely robust: Fully functional even after a fall from 3 m to concrete. 1 x 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery (1 600 A00 2U5) 

7. Makita Power Source Kit

Power Source kit consisting of 2 batteries BL1860B 6.0 Ah and 1 quick charger DC18RC. Supplied in cardboard box.

8. Bosch Professional ProCore + GAL Professional

Battery starter set: 2 x battery pack ProCore 18 Volt, 4.0 Ah and charger GAL 18V-40. Performance of a standard 18V battery with compact dimensions and low weight. New cell technology with the same performance as a standard 18 V/4.0 Ah battery, optimized dimensions and lower weight. Extremely fast charging time for all 18 V batteries, e.g. charging a ProCORE18V 4.0 Ah battery in just 48 minutes at 80 percent. Compatible with all Bosch Professional 18 V tools and chargers (Flexible Power System). 

9. Bosch Spare battery PBA

Bosch replacement battery PBA 18 Volt 6.0 Ah, accessory type: battery, longer battery life thanks to the latest cell technology.

10. Bosch Professional Battery charger GAL 1880 CV Set incl. 2x 5Ah battery

The charger set consists of a GAL 1880 CV quick charger and two Li-Ion batteries with 5.0 Ah for the Bosch blue series.

The Bosch GAL 1880 CV quick charger from
Bosch Professional is suitable for easy and practical charging of Bosch Li-Ion batteries with a voltage of 14.4 - 18 volts. After 35 minutes of charging, the 5.0 Ah battery is already 80% charged.

The Bosch 18 V/5.0 Ah M-C lithium-ion slide-in battery pack is powerful and can be used in all Bosch 18 V lithium-ion battery system devices in the Bosch Blue Series. No memory effect, no self-discharge and particularly long service life thanks to Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). Likewise, the innovative Coolpack design ensures a longer battery life because it reduces the heat generated within the battery. In addition, the Bosch Professional lithium-ion plug-in battery pack 18 V/5.0 Ah M-C has an integrated charge level indicator.