Best Scheppach products in the Wood splitter + shredder category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Scheppach products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Scheppach HL460


Splits up to 100 logs per hour, its safe and quiet operation effortlessly splits stored as well as fresh wood.
Splitting force 4 tons
Up to 370 mm wood length, up to 250 mm diameter
Hydraulic cylinder with automatic return
Torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction
Sturdy splitting blade
Optimum safety due to two-hand operation
Low-maintenance machine with small footprint
Safety cover in splitting area
Storage table for splitting material

2. Scheppach HL810

With the large standing splitter scheppach HL810, processing larger quantities of firewood is no problem. Splitting force 8 tonnes. Suitable for hard or soft wood. Splitting stroke 550 mm. Transport wheels for easy and safe transport. Optimum safety due to two-hand operation. Torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction. Splitting material catcher on both sides. Splitting material tray on both sides. 

3. Scheppach HL760LS

With a splitting force of 7 tonnes, the horizontal log splitter HL760LS from scheppach splits firewood up to 52 cm long into oven-ready logs. Two-hand operation and a cover in the splitting area offer optimum safety, while the sturdy splitting blade takes the heaviest work out of splitting wood. The transport wheels make the horizontal splitter easy to transport and mobile.

The horizontal log splitter HL760LS from scheppach has everything you need for splitting household quantities of firewood. The torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction is particularly robust. Without the base frame, the log splitter measures 1160 x 425 x 610.

Nevertheless, you should not underestimate the small splitter. It has a powerful motor with 2200 W and 7 t splitting force. The splitting stroke of the sturdy splitting knife is infinitely variable. The splitting wedge measures 80 x 70 x 126 mm

Logs with a maximum length of 52 cm and a diameter of 25 cm fit on the splitting table. The HL760LS processes both stored and fresh wood effortlessly. With a forward speed of 30.8 mm/s and the automatic return speed of 52.9 mm/s, rapid work progress is possible. The HL760LS splits up to 100 logs per hour.

The HL760LS log splitter is equipped with a protective cage against splintering wood. The two-handed operation provides additional safety: the left hand operates the control lever, the right hand the release button. Releasing one of the controls causes the machine to stop immediately. Releasing both controls causes the pressure plate to retract.

The standard underframe ensures a comfortable working height. At 110 cm, the log splitter has a good height for working upright and, if possible, placing the split material directly from a trailer into the log splitter to avoid frequent bending.

For easy transport, the base frame of the log splitter is equipped with two wheels. Simply lift up on the transport handle and pull or push.

- Easily cuts through stored as well as fresh wood
- Splitting force 7 tons
- Max. wood length up to 52 cm, diameter up to 25 cm
- Hydraulic cylinder with automatic return
- Torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction
- Sturdy splitting blade
- Powerful motor with 2200 W
- Infinitely adjustable splitting stroke
- Optimum safety due to two-hand operation
- Low-maintenance machine with small space requirement
- Safety cover in splitting area
- Storage table for splitting material
- Safe operation
- Base frame included (HL760LS)

4. Scheppach HL730

The safe, simple and time-saving way to prepare firewood. With a splitting power of 7 tons, the Scheppach HL730 also processes hardwood such as beech or oak with ease and speed. Splitting power 7 tons. Suitable for hard or soft wood. Splitting stroke 495 mm. Transport wheels for easy and safe transport. Optimum safety due to two-hand operation. Torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction. Splitting catcher on both sides. Material tray on both sides. 

5. Scheppach Compact15

With 15 tonnes, the 190 x 85 mm splitting wedge of the scheppach Compact 15t splits material up to 1070 mm long and a maximum diameter of 450 mm. The log splitter effortlessly processes hard and soft wood. Two working heights are available with the swivelling table. Logs with maximum length can be processed at floor level, smaller logs are placed on the raised table. Safety catch and two-hand operation ensure optimal safety conditions.

Powerful 15 T splitting force
Patented splitting technology ? the only splitter in Europe in the 15 T class that can split material at different working heights.
The swivelling table allows particularly fast work
GS certified
Powerful motor max. 3500W
Particularly compact ? for easy storage - only 110 cm machine height when retracted
Torsion-resistant and particularly tip-proof construction
With catching bow and log lifter for splitting material
Splits hardwood and softwood up to 1070 mm length effortlessly and reliably
Max. Max. splitting material diameter 450 mm
3 large transport wheels
Vario splitting system

The scheppach Compact 15t log splitter is a powerful and reliable helper for processing logs into firewood comfortably, quickly, safely and power-saving. With the powerful 3500 watt motor and a splitting force of 15 tonnes, even dry hardwood can be split effortlessly. To protect your back, the scheppach log splitter has a log lifter that raises the heavy logs and they can be placed effortlessly on the low base plate.

Thanks to a patented splitting technology, the scheppach Compact 15t is the only log splitter in Europe in its class that can split 15 tons of logs at different working heights: Thanks to the integrated, swivelling table, two working heights are available: logs with maximum length are placed on the base plate and can thus be processed at ground level. Smaller logs are simply placed on the raised table for processing. The Compact 15t splits logs with a length of up to 1070 mm and a diameter of 90 to 450 mm.

The extra-large 190 x 85 mm splitting wedge effortlessly splits hardwood and softwood. Thanks to the Vario splitting system, different wood sizes are no problem... The scheppach log splitter requires a 400 volt power connection for operation and is therefore particularly powerful.

When handling heavy equipment, maximum safety for the user is a basic requirement: the Compact 15t consists of a torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction and has both a splitting material fixing device and splitting material catching bars placed on both sides. The unit can only be operated with two hands. The GS-certified log splitter therefore complies with the latest safety standards.

The Compact 15t from scheppach has a compact design and, with a machine height of only 108 cm, is particularly easy to store when retracted.

A tare weight of 185.5 kg and an integrated anti-tipper ensure that the log splitter always stands securely. Thanks to the three large transport wheels, the Compact 15t is still easy to transport.

6. Scheppach HL3000GM

Even dry hardwood is no problem for the splitter. With its 1100 mm splitting length, the 30-ton metre log splitter can handle even the heaviest tasks. The integrated log lifter ensures that heavy logs can be lifted without effort.
log lifter ensures that heavy logs can be lifted and processed without effort.

Combination of cardan shaft and motor drive
Splitting force 30 tons
Splits hardwood or softwood up to 1100 mm in length effortlessly and reliably
Low base plate facilitates log lifting
Adjustable splitting stroke
Large wheels and three-point linkage for mobile use
Thanks to the lowerable cylinder and the retractable support arms, the splitter can be transported and stored in a space-saving manner
Optimum safety thanks to two-hand operation
Torsion-resistant, powder-coated steel construction
Splitting material catching bracket
Splitting material fixing device
Log lifter included

7. Scheppach RS 400

Low noise: The garden roller screen works very quietly and reliably with the help of the electric motor. Flexible working: The adjustable angle of inclination facilitates filling in various positions and working heights. Wide range of applications: The different mesh sizes of the sieves make it possible to screen and separate materials of different sizes. Easy handling: The screenings are simply filled and the drum screen separates the individual components cleanly. 

8. Scheppach Stand for wood chipper HL760L, Scheppach

The wheels are included.

9. Scheppach Elektro-Asthäcksler GS60,

Shredder blade: steelMaximum engine speed: 60 rpmTotal weight: 20.8 kgNet weight: 22.5 kgNumber of cutting edges: 8Power P1: 2800 WVoltage: 230 VFrequency: 50 HzQuieter and cleaner. Quieter than standard shreddersMaximum fork thickness Ø 45 mmLarge transport wheels.