Best Bosch Home & Garden products in the Wood splitter + shredder category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Bosch Home & Garden products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 25 TC Electric shredder

Bosch AXT 25 TC electric shredder (060080330C).

2. Bosch Home & Garden AXT Rapid 2200

Practical: Quick filling funnel and practical stopper for easy filling and fast material throughput. Mobile: very mobile due to low weight. High-speed Bosch Powerdrive motor with the highest torque in its class. Practical tamper for easy refilling and fast material throughput. Cutting blade made of extra hardened steel. Cutting capacity up to 40 mm for powerful shredding. Hopper for high capacity and easy adapter is not included 

3. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 23 TC

The AXT 23 TC is the impressively quiet high-performance garden shredder that transforms garden waste into nutrient-rich clippings in no time. Combination of a powerful, brushless 2,300 watt induction motor and the unique Turbine-Cut technology to shred branches up to 42 mm thick, hard thorny brush and leaf litter. The automated quick-feed hopper grabs branches and pulls them into the chopping system, while the handy tamper allows softer materials to be pushed in and is particularly useful for thorny branches and twigs. The generous capacity of the catch box (53 litres) saves time and trips to the compost heap. The chopped clippings take up less space in the organic bin and make excellent compost or mulch. For easy and compact storage, the hopper can be conveniently stored in the catch box, so that the shredder is then only 67 cm high. 

4. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 25 D

Powerful: The optimized milling drum cutting system delivers an enormous material throughput of up to 170 kg/h for branches up to 38 mm thick. Practical: is 30% smaller than its predecessor thanks to the removable hopper - stowed at a height of only 67 cm. Quiet: low noise emissions for a pleasant working environment. Self-retracting and quiet for highly convenient shredding. Cutting capacity up to 38 mm for powerful shredding. 

5. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 25 TC

The AXT 25 TC quiet shredder is a versatile multipurpose shredder. Universal: The new Turbine-Cut-System guarantees extremely fast material throughput, regardless of whether soft materials or hard wood. and works largely blockage-free. Peak performance: powerful for a material throughput of up to 230 kg/h and for branches with a maximum diameter of 45 mm. Practical: makes itself 30 percent smaller than its predecessor thanks to a removable funnel. Stows only 67 cm high. Self-retracting and quiet for highly comfortable shredding. Cutting capacity up to 45 mm for powerful shredding. Practical catch box. 53 l for easier intake of the shredded shredding material. Removable hopper for easy filling and comfortable shredding. Shielded cutting unit for more application safety. Turbine-cut system. Innovative cutting system with a motor output of 2500 watts. Safety function of the interception box. The device only works when the collector box is inserted. Practical stopper. Catch box 53 l. 

6. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 22 D

The powerful AXT 22 D shredder is suitable for extensive shredding jobs. The shredder is equipped with a robust, brushless 2,200-watt induction motor for fast shredding, and a high-torque milling drum chops branches up to 40 mm thick and shreds them into nutrient-rich compost material. The quick-fill hopper attaches easily to the shredder. It has a wide opening and can be filled safely and efficiently with large quantities of waste. The shredder's practical catch box holds up to 53 litres of wood chips. This saves trips to the compost heap and the job is done faster. The clippings are ideal as mulch, keeping moisture in the soil and reducing weed growth. 

7. Bosch Home & Garden AXT 22

The AXT 22 D quiet shredder impresses with its low noise emissions and powerful shredding performance. The optimized milling drum cutting system delivers a material throughput of 180 kg/h with a cutting capacity of up to 38 mm, while the low noise level ensures a pleasant working environment. Thanks to the removable hopper, you need 30% less space for storage than with the previous model, which means this quiet yet powerful garden tool is only 67 cm high when stowed. 

8. Bosch Home & Garden AXT RAPID 2000

9. Bosch Home & Garden AXT Ra

The AXT Rapid 2000 shredder is a fast and powerful shredder with durable, laser-machined precision blades for high cutting performance. Powered by a high-speed Bosch Powerdrive motor with the highest torque in its class, this mobile shredder is equipped with a quick-fill hopper and convenient tamper for easy filling and rapid material throughput at up to 80 kg/h. Although the AXT Rapid 2000 is lighter than most comparable shredders, it impresses with its high cutting performance.