Best Makita products in the Chainsaws category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Makita products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Makita DUC254Z

A powerful Top Handle 18 V battery chain saw with brushless motor and a chain speed of 24 m/s. Their low weight and design make them easy to use. Ideal for tree care. Equipped with a 25 cm saw bar. Only approved for professional users with special training. 

Makita DUC254Z (Battery chain saw)

Makita DUC254Z

Battery chain saw


2. Makita DUC101Z

Makita DUC101Z cordless pruning saw. Compact and lightweight branch saw for limbing and corrective cuts. Scope of delivery: Makita DUC101Z battery-powered branch saw solo. 1x saw chain. 1x saw bar. 1x saw chain oil. 1x saw chain guard. Note: Delivery without battery and without charger (optionally available). 

Makita DUC101Z (Battery chain saw)

Makita DUC101Z

Battery chain saw


3. Makita DUC353Z

The Makita DUC353Z battery-powered chainsaw features an environmentally friendly and cost-saving 2x18 volt drive with brushless motor technology. The handy chainsaw with its powerful motor ensures high chain speed and fast cuts. Changing the chain and adjusting the chain tension can be done without tools. The DUC353Z battery-powered chainsaw also features automatic chain lubrication and a battery capacity indicator. Supplied without battery and charger. 

Makita DUC353Z (Battery chain saw)

Makita DUC353Z

Battery chain saw


4. Makita EY403MP

Chainsaw attachment with 30 cm long saw bar and a branch hook for pulling down loose branches and twigs. The integrated 160 ml oil tank automatically lubricates the saw chain. The robust metal gearbox ensures a long service life. 

Makita EY403MP
157.17was 173.76

Makita EY403MP


5. Makita UC4041A

The Makita electric chainsaw is ideal for sawing firewood and for cutting smaller trees. The chain saw shines with optimal handiness and high ease of maintenance. The chain change and the adjustment of the chain tension takes place completely without tools. The improved oil pump ensures an even oil supply independent of temperature and viscosity. 

Makita UC4041A (Electric chain saw)
117.45was 132.–

Makita UC4041A

Electric chain saw


6. Makita UC3541A

The electric chainsaw from Makita is ideal for cutting firewood and for limbing or cutting back smaller trees. The chainsaw shines with optimal manageability and high ease of maintenance. The chain change and the adjustment of the chain tension is completely tool-free. The improved oil pump ensures a consistent oil supply regardless of temperature and viscosity. Supplied without chain oil. 

Makita UC3541A (Electric chain saw)

Makita UC3541A

Electric chain saw


7. Makita DUC122Z

Only for professional users with special training.
Deep discharge protection. The machine switches off automatically when the battery is almost empty.
in carton without battery, without charger, without case
Handy chain saw with powerful motor for high chain speed and fast cuts
Automatic chain lubrication
Saw chain change and adjustment of chain tension without tools
With chain brake
1 battery charge is sufficient for about one oil tank filling
Top Handle cordless chain saw, only approved for professional users with special training

Not included in delivery : Battery + charger

Makita DUC122Z (Battery chain saw)

Makita DUC122Z

Battery chain saw


8. Makita DUC307ZX2 Battery Chainsaw

Makita DUC307ZX2 cordless chainsaw (without battery, without charger)Lightweight and compact cordless chainsaw with 30 cm bar length.Features:-Maintenance-free brushless motor -Kickback brake and electric brake -High working safety and performance -Gear reduction mechanism for more torque -Low noise level -No emissions -Output power of 610 W -Chain speed: 7.7 m/s -Large oil tank openingTechnical data: -Brushless motor -Battery system: LXT -Application: Tree and hedge care -Battery voltage: 18 V -Chain speed: 7.7 m/s -Chain pitch: 3/8 " -Bar groove width: 1.1 mm -Tank chain oil: 0.15 l -Battery protection system -Sound power level (LWA): 97 dB(A) -Sound pressure level (LpA): 86 dB(A) -K-value noise: 3 dB(A) -Vibration: 5.4 m/s² -K-value vibration: 1.5 m/s² -Weight: approx. 4.2 kg -Dimensions (L x W x H): 704 x 214 x 234 mmScope of delivery: -Makita DUC307ZX2 cordless chainsaw -1x saw bar (191G15-1) -1x saw chain (191H01-8) -1x saw chain oil (199897-3) -1x saw chain guard (413G23-5) -Note: Battery and charger not included. 

Makita DUC307ZX2 Battery Chainsaw (Battery chain saw)

Makita DUC307ZX2 Battery Chainsaw

Battery chain saw


9. Makita DUC355Z

Brushless motor. Variable speed control by trigger. Constant speed control. Electric chain brake. Recoil brake. Oil capacity indicator. Ergonomic soft grip handle. Large separate metal spike bumper. Spike holds workpiece firmly to provide more control. Adjustable automatic chain lubrication. Supplied without batteries and charger. 

Makita DUC355Z (Battery chain saw)

Makita DUC355Z

Battery chain saw


10. Makita DUC254CZ

Compact Top Handle cordless chain saw with carving set and high chain speed for professional tree care and carving. A powerful Top Handle 18 V cordless chain saw with brushless motor and a chain speed of 22.5 m/s. Its light weight and design make it easy to use. Ideal for tree care or carving. Equipped with a 25 cm carving saw bar. Only approved for professional users with special training. 

Makita DUC254CZ (Battery chain saw)

Makita DUC254CZ

Battery chain saw