Tap aerators

A jet regulator, also called a mixing nozzle, is a component of a fitting and has a significant influence on the water flow and water jet. Moreover, aerators can be replaced easily and with little effort. When buying, it is important to first ensure compatibility. Check which thread size is involved. Usually, the aerators are equipped with a conventional, metric M thread. When making a choice, it is also important to consider the requirements. There are aerators that significantly reduce the water flow and help to save water, some have a water jet regulator, others are equipped with LED light or have a silicone spout that makes it particularly easy to remove limescale. Furthermore, there are mixing nozzles with a hose or a swivel joint, which creates further flexibility. Our range includes brands such as Neoperl, Aquaclic, Diaqua, Aquaperl, DrinkPure and many more.