Shower hoses

A shower hose is an integral component of a shower system, as it provides the connection between the water supply and the shower head. It is designed to be flexible, durable, and capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use. For many customers, the reliability and versatility of a shower hose are crucial for a satisfying showering experience, whether they are rinsing off after a hard day's work or embarking on their morning routine. Properly installed and maintained shower hoses contribute to the efficiency and pleasure derived from their showers.

When considering the purchase of a new shower hose, it's important to pay attention to the length, as it determines the range of movement and comfort. The typical length for a shower hose is around 1500mm, which provides ample reach for most bathroom setups. Other properties to consider include material, flexibility, and compatibility with existing shower fixtures. Some shower hoses feature anti-twist technology, which prevents the hose from becoming kinked, ensuring a steady water flow. Additionally, the quality of the construction material can affect durability and resistance to unsightly lime scale buildup.

Our selection includes top brands in the shower hose market, each providing a different take on this bathroom essential. KWC offers a popular kitchen shower hose, known for its application in kitchen setups that require flexibility and resilience. Aquaclic's Super Flexxi Inox stands out due to its superior flexibility and stainless steel design. Grohe's VitalioFlex Trend is a choice for those looking for premium quality and a modern aesthetic, while hansgrohe's Isiflex is appreciated for its robustness and sleek design. Lastly, Diaqua presents the Metal shower hose, which combines a classic look with a steadfast performance. Each brand offers unique features that cater to specific preferences and needs, allowing customers to find the perfect shower hose for their daily use.