Spreaders + Casters

A spreader makes it easier for you to spread fertiliser or salt over large areas. For small areas, hand-held universal spreaders with electric turntable are well suited. For medium-sized areas, it is best to use a spreader with a push-off cover. You can reduce the spread rate by means of a pusher. For large areas, spreaders with a horizontal spreading disc allow a larger working width. Some spreaders can also be pulled by a lawn tractor. When spreading fertiliser on the lawn, it is advisable to work with a low dosage rate and to walk over the area twice from different angles. Spreading the fertilizer crosswise allows you to cover the area without gaps and thus to obtain an evenly fertilized lawn. In our range you will find spreaders from Gardena, Wolf-Garten, Einhell and Gardebruk in various sizes and variants.