Raised garden beds

Whether for the small city balcony or the spacious terrace with a raised bed you can green, plant and grow vegetables. At Galaxus you can buy your raised bed and start planting. In addition to the classic raised bed, we have beautiful herb spirals in our range.

A raised bed offers many advantages:
First, you save your back by a comfortable working height. Furthermore, it also allows a much earlier cultivation and a longer harvest time due to the better warming of the bed. Since the main seed flight takes place on the ground, very few weeds form and slugs are also kept away. In addition, valuable, nutrient-rich humus is created through the rotting of the organic components. This largely eliminates the need for additional fertilizers and ensures much faster growth. By additionally attaching a cover, the raised bed can also be used as a cold frame.

Create raised bed:
Planting raised beds yourself is very simple. It is only necessary to pay attention to the filling. Expanded clay is used in the lower area as a drainage layer. This is followed by a layer of garden compost and finally filled with garden and raised bed soil.

Raised beds are available at Galaxus in various materials, such as wood, metal or even plastic.
In our assortment we have raised beds of different brands and manufacturers such as Biohprt, VegTrug, Urban Gardening, Elho, GrowCamp and various others.