If you like to work in the garden, you may have already thought about a greenhouse: it offers a sheltered place, thanks to which the garden season is extended. Delicate plants such as tomatoes can be grown comfortably in a greenhouse.

In the past, the windows of greenhouses were made of glass. Today they are usually made of transparent plastic sheets or foils. Due to the greenhouse effect, the temperature in the greenhouse is higher. In addition, the plants are protected from precipitation and strong winds.

Much attention must therefore be paid to the climate in this biotope. The temperature and humidity can be regulated with a roof window and the door. Some models can be retrofitted with self-regulating windows: if a certain temperature is exceeded, it opens. If the temperature drops too low, it closes again.

In our assortment we carry among others the brand Palram. Matching plastic and metal shelves are also available. With suspensions you can use the space up to the roof and accommodate even more plants. Our greenhouses range from small models to impressive 7.8 cubic metres (4.3m x 1.8m footprint) of floor space.