Plant pots + growing trays

Plant pots + growing trays

Cultivation pots and trays, also called seed trays, are an indispensable tool for growing seedlings indoors or protecting young plants from harsh weather. They come in a variety of sizes, materials and designs to suit different needs and preferences.

One of the most important features of propagator trays is their size. They range from small, single trays and pots for growing a few seedlings to large, multi-cell trays for growing many plants at once. When growing plants, fruit or vegetables, one can basically distinguish between 4 types of growing trays.

Cultivation pots - are perfect for growing seeds and planting them out later. In addition to the classic plastic pots, you can also use growing pots made of plant materials, which the roots will grow through. This saves you repotting and you can plant the seed pot directly in your bed or in a larger pot.

Growing trays - work similarly to growing pots, but differ in shape and can often accommodate several seedlings at once.

Sprout jars, also called sprouting jars, are a convenient and easy way to grow sprouts at home. They are usually made of glass or plastic and have a lid that allows for easy draining and good ventilation. The jar also has a sieve on the lid that keeps the seeds in place and allows for easy rinsing.

Grow houses, also often referred to as indoor greenhouses, are small boxes that protect plants and seedlings from pests and weather by means of a cover and thus also provide an appropriate climate that offers optimal growing conditions. Such a propagator fits perfectly on the windowsill and helps you to grow your seedlings even earlier.

Regardless of which type you choose, propagators offer several advantages, including:

Enabling you to grow seedlings indoors: seed trays provide a controlled environment for growing plants indoors before transplanting them outdoors. This allows you to start seedlings earlier in the season and give them a head start on growth before outdoor conditions are suitable.

Protect seedlings: Seeding trays can also be used to protect young plants from harsh weather conditions such as frost, wind and heavy rain. This can help the plants have a better chance of survival and can be transplanted outside when the weather is more favourable.

Space saving: propagator trays can save space in small gardens or when growing indoors. They allow many seedlings to be established in a small space and then transplanted outdoors or into larger pots when they have grown.

Easier transplanting: Seed trays make transplanting seedlings easier as they can be easily removed from the tray and transplanted without damaging the roots of the seedlings.

No matter when you want to grow your seedlings, we offer a wide range of seed trays, seed pots and more from brands such as Elho, Siena Garde or Romberg to help you grow different plants and get the gardening season off to a good start.