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    How to find your way out of the fertiliser maze

    by Darina Schweizer

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    How I saved my garden while simultaneously ruining our community lawn

    by Martin Rupf


Living creatures must eat and drink. Plants do not differ from us humans or animals. It's easy to see that you have to water plants. It is often forgotten that they also want to "eat".

For their growth, plants need not only heat, light, air and water, but also nutrients. The minerals are necessary for the growth and development of plants. The nutrients are by nature often not available in sufficient quantities. Therefore, the supply of fertilizer helps to replace nutrient deprivation. The fertilization improves the nutrition of the plant. The quality of the harvested products is improved and ultimately soil fertility is maintained and promoted.

A distinction is made between different fertilizers. Commercial fertilizers are industrially produced fertilizers, usually with a targeted fertilization target (nitrogen, phosphate, etc.) according to a soil analysis. Mineral fertilizer consists of mineral salts. They are often mixed on specific plant types and can be administered at the same intervals. Organic fertilizers contain organic compounds from plant parts or animal excreta, for example, and improve the soil thanks to the nitrogen they contain. Finally, farm manure is produced on the farm. Best known representative: liquid manure.
A distinction is also made between plant fertilizers and soil fertilizers. The plant fertilizer is directly absorbed by plants. The soil fertilizer, on the other hand, primarily improves the nutrient substrates. The aim of the soil fertilizer is to create a better space for the roots of the plant. This promotes growth.

Fertilizers come in different forms. On the one hand, it can be purchased in solid form, for example granules or salts, on the other hand it is available in liquid form. Liquid fertilizer should be diluted with water so that the roots do not "burn" and it must be used more regularly than granules or fertilizer sticks.
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Important: Always observe the information, warnings and symbols on the label and other product information when using or storing the product so as not to endanger humans or animals.