Industrial vacuum cleaners

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    Makita VC4210M: the vacuum cleaner for rougher stuff

    by Simon Balissat

Industrial vacuum cleaners

An industrial vacuum cleaner is an indispensable tool for effective cleaning and maintenance wherever a conventional hoover reaches its limits. Whether in workshops for vacuuming wood chips and fine dust or even in outdoor areas - an industrial hoover gets the job done reliably. When buying an industrial hoover, it is important to look at the power, energy supply, container capacity and filter technology of the device. Also consider the specific needs and challenges of your workshop, shed or garden to choose the right model.

With different types of industrial vacuums designed for different cleaning tasks and requirements, you can easily remove dirt, dust and debris.

Wet dry vacuum cleaner
If you often have to deal with wet messes such as spills or garden watering, a wet dry vacuum is the ideal choice. These powerful machines give you the flexibility to clean both wet and dry surfaces efficiently. Make sure the wet dry vacuum has sufficient capacity for liquids and has replaceable filters to ensure optimal cleaning performance.

Dry vacuum cleaner
If you mainly deal with dry dirt, dust and small particles, a dry vacuum cleaner is the best choice. Make sure the dry vacuum has strong suction power to effectively remove dirt and particles. A device with different attachments and brushes will also make it easier to clean different surfaces.

Ash vacuum cleaner
If you have a barbecue or fireplace, an ash vacuum is an absolute must. These special vacuums are designed to safely and thoroughly suck up ashes, making the chore of cleaning easier.

Back hoover
If you have large areas to clean or are simply looking for a convenient and practical solution, a backpack hoover may be the right choice. With a backpack industrial hoover, you have maximum freedom of movement and can easily clean hard-to-reach areas. Look for an ergonomic design and adjustable straps to ensure comfort.

Regardless of your specific needs, an industrial hoover is an excellent investment to effectively and effortlessly remove dirt and debris. In our range you will find industrial hoovers from Kärcher, Bosch or Einhell, so you can quickly and easily ensure a clean and tidy environment.