Best Kärcher products in the Industrial vacuum cleaners category

On this page you'll find a ranking of the best Kärcher products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've already ranked the most important information about the products for you.

1. Kärcher Puzzi 8/1

Powerful cleaning specialist for upholstery and for removing stains from textile surfaces: Puzzi 8/1 washing vacuum cleaner with ergonomic, particularly short upholstery nozzle. 

2. Kärcher SE4001

The Kärcher vacuum cleaner SE 4.001 allows deep carpet cleaning. The unit sprays water onto the contaminated area and sucks it off again shortly afterwards. In contrast to cleaning with a sponge and bucket, the dirty water does not come into contact with the clean water. In this way the dirt is not only distributed but effectively removed. 

3. Kärcher SE4002

The SE 4002 vacuum cleaner is equipped with the 2-in-1 comfort system with integrated spray suction hose and an additional washing nozzle for cleaning upholstery. The spray extraction unit ensures fibre depth and hygienic cleanliness on textile surfaces (e. g. carpets, mattresses, car seats, etc.). For this purpose, water and the Kärcher carpet cleaner RM 519 are sprayed with pressure deep into the textile surfaces and sucked off together with the dissolved dirt. Especially allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief. (Tip: ideal for households with animals.) The Kärcher nozzle technology ensures that the cleaned surfaces can be re-used 50 percent faster. Further equipment features: large, removable fresh water tank (4 litres): shock-resistant and translucent (for easy filling and emptying); 3-in-1 handle for convenient carrying, opening, closing and emptying of the appliance container; cable hook and storage facility for accessories supplied with the appliance; extensive accessory package for use as a fully functional multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. 

4. Kärcher WD6 P S V-30/6/22/T

Kärcher WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/TUltra-strong suction and energy-efficient with only 1300 watts of power consumption: the WD 6 P S V-30/6/22/T wet/dry vacuum cleaner has a 30-liter stainless steel container, a 6-meter cable and a 2.2-meter suction hose. The drain plug conveniently drains vacuumed liquids. Power tools such as saws or grinders can be connected via the integrated socket with automatic on/off switch. The resulting dirt is sucked off directly. The rotary switch can be used to regulate the suction power as required. The flat pleated filter is removed without any contact with dirt by folding out the filter cassette. In addition, the filter can be efficiently cleaned by pressing the cleaning button, thus easily restoring the suction power. When cleaning delicate objects, the blowing function comes into play. The removable handle with electrostatic protection allows accessories to be attached directly to the suction hose, which is especially useful when vacuuming fine dust. Other plus points are the space-saving stowage of the suction hose by hooking it onto the device head on both sides and the parking position of the floor nozzle. 

5. Kärcher WD3 V-17/4/20

WD 3 V-17/4/20 is powerful and energy efficient with an energy consumption of only 1000 W. The machine as well as the suction hose and the floor nozzle with switch are perfectly matched - for best cleaning results dry , wet, small and coarse dirt . The vacuum cleaner for wet and dry vacuuming convinces with its compact design and the robust 17-l plastic container, 4 m cable, 2 m suction hose and its fleece filter bag. Thanks to the one-piece cartridge filter, it is possible to vacuum both wet and dry dirt without changing the filter. The blowing function is useful for cleaning hard-to-reach places. The hose is stored in a space-saving manner by hanging it from the head of the machine. The cord can be stored on the cord hook, and the tubes and floor nozzles can be stored on the bumper. The "pull & push" closure system allows easy opening and closing of the container. The handle of the vacuum cleaner can be removed and the unit can be connected directly to the suction hose. Also well thought out: tools and small parts can be recessed into the free space on the machine head. The ergonomically shaped carrying handle enables comfortable transport. 

6. Kärcher Battery back dry vacuum cleaner BVL 5/1

Our ultra-light, powerful and battery-powered BVL 5/1 Bp backpack vacuum cleaner is the first vacuum cleaner that weighs only < 4.6 kg (backpack weight) thanks to the innovative EPP material and whose material properties simultaneously enable special robustness and durability. With a power of 500 watts, long battery life and a 5-litre collection container, the back hoover is the first choice wherever tight spaces make cleaning work difficult - whether in the cinema, on a plane, in buses, trains, for office cleaning or even on stairs. The ergonomic carrying frame and the well thought-out operation, where all important operating and additional functions are controlled via a control panel on the waist belt, as well as the simple handling designed for right- and left-handers, ensure comfortable, fatigue-free work. The brushless EC drive is also highly resistant to wear. Various accessories are included, and a HEPA 14 filter is also available as an option. When ordering, please note that the powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery and the corresponding charger must be ordered separately for this version of the device. 

7. Kärcher Puzzi 10/1

With the Puzzi 10/1, Kärcher offers a powerful vacuum cleaner for entry-level washing. The vacuum washer can be used specifically for upholstery cleaning or for stain removal on carpet surfaces. Since extremely low residual moisture remains after cleaning, cleaned carpets and upholstery can be used again quickly. The Puzzi 10/1 is equipped as standard with a spray suction hose and an ergonomically designed hand nozzle. 

8. Kärcher WD 6 P S V-30/8/22/T Renovation

Extremely powerful and energy-saving: The WD 6 P S V-30/8/22/T Renovation wet and dry vacuum cleaner with renovation kit, flat pleated filter, filter cleaning function and integrated socket (Schuko). 

9. Kärcher WD 2 Plus V-12/4/18/C

Kärcher WD 2 Plus V-12/4/18/CThe WD 2 Plus V-12/4/18/C impresses with its compact design and is super-absorbent and energy-efficient - while consuming only 1000 W of power. The device achieves top cleaning results for dry, wet, fine and coarse dirt. The wet/dry vacuum has a robust and shock-resistant 12-liter plastic container, a 4-m cable and a 1.8-m suction hose with straight handle, clip-on floor nozzle and fleece filter bag.The one-piece cartridge filter allows you to vacuum dry and wet dirt completely without changing the filter and can be mounted on the filter basket by turning it clockwise. The vacuum also has a convenient blowing function that can be used in places where vacuuming is difficult, among other things. The storage area on the head of the device is used for safe storage of tools and small parts. Pipes and floor nozzles can also be quickly and conveniently parked in the parking position provided on the bumper. In addition, the unit scores with its space-saving stowage, easy accessory storage, the "Pull & Push" closure system and an ergonomically shaped carrying handle for comfortable transport.Features: -3-layer non-woven material, extremely tear-resistant. -For longer-lasting suction performance and high dust retention. -For safe storage of tools and small parts such as screws or nails. -For convenient as well as quick intermediate parking of the suction tube and floor nozzle during work interruptions. -For quick intermediate parking of the handle on the device head. -For the best cleaning result, regardless of whether dry or wet, fine or coarse dirt. -For maximum working comfort and flexibility when vacuuming. -For easy, quick and safe opening and closing of the container. -For convenient transport of the device. 

10. Kärcher ash extractor

The AD 2 ash and dry vacuum cleaner with 600-watt turbine makes ash removal child's play. It owes its long-lasting suction power to an integrated filter cleaning system, which blows the clogged filter freely at the push of a button and thus increases the suction power again. Thanks to a 1-part filter system with robust flat-fold filter and metal coarse dirt filter as well as a practical handle on the container, it can be emptied conveniently, quickly and without any dirt contact. The metal container, a flexible suction hose made of coated metal and high-quality flame-retardant material offer maximum safety when collecting ash. The bevelled hand tube provides optimum working comfort and is particularly convincing in corners and in hard-to-reach places in the chimney. Ash residues can thus be completely absorbed. Thanks to the compact design, the ash extractor can be stowed away at any time to save space and the suction hose can be conveniently placed at the leaning position.