Industrial vacuum accessories

Industrial vacuum accessories

In the realm of industrial vacuum accessories, customers can anticipate finding a comprehensive array of products designed to enhance and maintain the functionality of their powerful cleaning equipment. Catering to the needs of various industries, our selection includes key attachments and replacement parts that prolong the operational life of industrial vacuum cleaners and optimize their performance for any task at hand.

Top-tier brands like Festool champion our offerings with their Standard cleaning set RS-ST D 27/36-Plus, delivering a complete solution for everyday cleaning requirements. Also, Makita is renowned among professionals, with their Filter element PTFE for the VC4210M vacuum cleaner standing out as a testament to the brand's commitment to providing quality spare parts for maintenance and enhanced vacuum efficiency.

Metabo offers an innovative approach to vacuum operation with their Cordless Control Start/Stop Set, which allows for convenience and ease of use, especially in environments where hands-free operation is advantageous. In the sphere of normal wear and tear, Bosch Professional Zubehör ensures continuous operation with items like Vliesfilterbeutel, designed for specific models such as GAS 35 L AFC; GAS 35 L SFC+; GAS 35 M AFC, ensuring your vacuum cleaner is always at peak performance.

Lastly, Kärcher's Brushes Accessories Set Car Cleaning exemplifies the brand's commitment to versatility and precision cleaning, by offering tools specifically designed to tackle automotive detailing, highlighting the breadth of applications for our range of industrial vacuum accessories.

Whether it's for replacing worn-out components, upgrading functionality, or ensuring effective cleaning, our selection has you covered with reliable products from some of the most trusted names in the industry. Shop with us and ensure that your industrial vacuum systems operate at their best with high-quality accessories.