Leaf vacuums + Leaf blowers

Leaf vacuums + Leaf blowers

Autumn is a natural spectacle every year: The deciduous trees show themselves in many colors before they drop their leaves. What is beautiful to the eye can be a nuisance on paths and lawns: When wet, the leaves become extremely slippery, and on the lawn, too much foliage can lead to rot. A rake is sufficient to remove leaves from smaller areas, but a leaf vacuum or leaf blower is a practical tool for larger areas.

A leaf blower is a garden tool that creates a stream of air with which leaves are blown together on the ground. This makes it easy to remove leaves from patios, streets and garden areas. The maximum blowing speed of a leaf blower plays an important role, as wet leaves weigh more than dry leaves. So, if you want to clean up your garden or green areas in the wet or after the rain, you should go for devices that offer a higher air speed.

Unlike a leaf blower, a leaf vacuum sucks up the leaves and collects them in a bin. In most devices, the leaves are shredded directly. This is practical because the shredded leaves require much less volume. In addition, it can be composted much faster when shredded.

Especially for recurring and at the same time physically demanding tasks such as leaf blowing, it is important to have a good machine at work. Here it is good to know that some leaf vacuums can also be used as leaf blowers by reversing the air flow. Thus, the leaves can be collected in one place to suck them up there with the same device. When buying a leaf blower, it is also important to keep in mind the power supply type, basically, in this regard, leaf vacuums and blowers can be divided into three different types:

Battery-powered leaf blower
Battery-powered leaf blowers and leaf vacuums are probably the most commonly used devices. They offer plenty of flexibility and are also environmentally friendly as they produce no exhaust fumes. In addition, cordless leaf blowers are particularly quiet compared to gasoline or mains-powered models.

Electric leaf blowers
Mains-powered devices are inexpensive and powerful, but must be "kept on a leash". Therefore, they are ideal for small gardens, where access to the power outlet is not far away. A great advantage of mains-powered devices is that they do not need to be recharged or refueled. You can work without a break, provided that the power cable is long enough.

Petrol leaf blowers
Leaf blowers powered by gasoline are often used in professional applications. Such devices offers a lot of power and mobility and are suitable mainly for large plots of land or facilities, for this you need to refuel them regularly.

Regardless of your needs, you will find a wide range of leaf blowers and vacuum cleaners from Bosch, Black & Decker, Husqvarna, Einhell and many others.