Hedge trimmers

A hedge trimmer is a piece of gardening/agricultural equipment used for trimming hedges. Motorized hedge trimmers allow work to be done faster and with less effort than manual ones.

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Bosch - Universal Hedge Pole 18 (Cordless hedgecutters)

Gardena - Comfort Cut Li Set (Cordless hedgecutters)

Gardena - Classic Cut (Cordless hedgecutters)

Bosch - AHS 50-20 LI (Cordless hedgecutters)

Bosch - Advanced Hedge Cut (Cordless hedgecutters)

Husqvarna - 520iHE3 (Cordless hedgecutters)

Gardena - THS Li 18/42 (Cordless hedgecutters)

Makita - Grasschere (Cordless hedgecutters)

Bosch - ASB 10.8 LI Set (Cordless hedgecutters)

Bosch - Advanced Hedge Cut (Cordless hedgecutters)

Gardena - THS 500/48 (Electric hedge trimmer)

Gardena - Gras und Strauchschere Comfort Cut (Cordless hedgecutters)

Makita - DUH751Z (Cordless hedgecutters)

Einhell - cordless grass and shrub shears (Cordless hedgecutters)

Bosch - Universal Hedge Pole (Cordless hedgecutters)