Top-rated products in the Garden showers category

Here's a ranking of the top rated products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Gardena Trio

With the Garden Shower Trio, showering outdoors is as comfortable as in the bathroom. The tripod makes it easy to set up the shower anywhere. In addition, the flexible and removable shower head, which is connected to a 1.3 metre long hose, provides more space for garden showers. Two blasting forms are available: the fan-shaped shower jet for showering and the fine spray mist for refreshment. The infinitely variable height adjustment with the push button offers the ideal fixation of the shower for every body size. In addition, the regulating and shut-off valve regulates the flow to release the desired amount of water. 

2. Gardena Duo

This makes outdoor showers really fun! Simply put the spike into the lawn or sunshade stand. 2 different blasting shapes to choose from: soft and wide spray jet or finely adjustable spray mist. Infinitely variable height adjustment via push button. With regulating and shut-off valve for flow and jet form regulation. 

3. MyPool Solar Shower Premium

Garden showers are an excellent addition to your private bathing landscape. A shower directly next to the pool makes it easier to keep the pool water clean, as sun creams and the like do not get into the water. A short shower is also recommended after bathing so that the pool water can be rinsed off. Last but not least, a solar shower fits beautifully into any pool landscape. This plastic solar shower (black) with a capacity of 35 litres consists of two parts and can therefore be easily dismantled and stowed away during the winter. The shower has a single-lever mixer tap and a swivelling shower head and is UV-stabilized. For connection to garden hose systems. Straight design, height: approx. 2.15 m The wellness shower head (ABS chrome-plated) has a diameter of 16 cm, with cold water tap, e.g. for the watering can. Details: - Black plastic - UV-stabilised - with single-lever mixer tap and swivelling shower head - for connection to garden hose systems - Model Premium straight version, - Height approx. 2.15m, - Chrome-plated ABS wellness shower head approx. 16cm Ø - with water tap e.g. for watering can. 

4. Kärcher Garden Shower

With the removable shower stick, the user can shower and refresh as in a bathroom shower. Thanks to the fine spray jet, water consumption is significantly lower than when cooling down with a garden hose. On the other hand, the shower rod is also convincing in its function as a full-fledged watering rod for efficient plant watering. During the winter season, the shower can be quickly and effortlessly disassembled into its individual parts, inserted into one another to save space and stowed compactly. This ensures that nothing is missing next summer. Further equipment details: tripod and spike for best stability, classification of water flow rate with one hand. 

5. Gardena Solo

The GARDENA Garden Shower Solo offers a refreshing pleasure on hot days. The spike makes it easy to put the garden shower into the lawn or sunshade stand. The infinitely variable height adjustment with the push button offers the ideal fixation of the shower for every body size. The regulating and shut-off valve for flow regulation releases the desired quantity of water. With the soft shower jet of the large shower head you get a pleasant refreshment. 

6. Tactical Foodpack Outdoor shower

Volume: 0, Colour: Black matt, Type of sport: Outdoor, Solar powered: No.

7. Kärcher Casting rod Plus

From soil irrigation to overhead work - for example when watering hanging plants - the Watering Rod Plus allows comfortable working. The successful combination of elegant design, first-class functionality and perfect ergonomics is convincing all along the line and makes the Watering Rod the ideal tool even for longer working periods. The Pouring Rod Plus also offers a comfortable hanging option. In addition, the pouring rod has a lockable regulating valve on the handle, which ensures comfortable handling and a permanent flow of water. The ergonomic regulating valve, which can be operated with one hand, also allows the water quantity to be adjusted as required. When not in use, the water flow can be turned off at the regulating valve. The pouring rod has a movable spray head (180°) 6 spray patterns: horizontal flat jet, vertical flat jet, cone jet, spot jet, spray mist and shower. Therefore the pouring rod is ideally suited for both irrigation and cleaning tasks. In short: the ideal solution for an all-round sparkling garden pleasure. By the way: Garden sprayers from Kärcher are compatible with all available click systems and can be connected to your garden hose without any problems. 

8. Arebos Solar Shower

[FLEXIBLE] The shower can be used in gardens, on terraces, in swimming pools and even for camper van trips, etc. Benefit from the possibility to cool down whenever you like and stay cool through the summer. The swivelling shower head and the foot tap are further highlights of our solar shower models.

[HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL] This elegant and inconspicuous solar shower is made of a high-quality PVC material, which absorbs the heat to the maximum. Furthermore, it is abrasion-resistant, corrosion-resistant as well as temperature-resistant, which gives it a long service life. Use the quick-connect coupling to attach your garden hose to the shower in no time at all.

[Use the mixer tap on the body of the solar shower to adjust the water temperature to your needs. Turn it to the left (red direction) to get hot water and turn it to the right (blue direction) to get cold water. The integrated thermometer shows you the current water temperature.

[ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION & CONSIDERATION] The AREBOS solar showers are easy on your wallet because the water is heated by the solar radiation absorbed by the body. No additional energy sources necessary.

[EASY ASSEMBLY] Benefit from the unique SNAP-IN TECHNOLOGY, which allows you to assemble the shower within seconds. Steel dowels and screws for mounting in the floor or on a base plate are included in the delivery.

Modern and appealing design meets fun and pleasant cooling on warm summer days.

The integrated thermometer allows you to read the temperature of the water before you shower, so you won't be surprised.
The sun's rays naturally heat the water in the solar shower, so energy can be saved. No electricity is required - saving energy and protecting the environment at the same time.
In contrast to smaller tanks, the UV-resistant PVC tank allows you to enjoy a longer shower at a pleasant water temperature.
With the quick coupling, you can connect a standard garden hose to the solar shower in no time at all and start showering immediately.
The adjustable and rotatable shower head can be adapted to your showering needs via a ball joint.
The additional foot shower in the lower part of the solar shower is ideal for washing your hands or cooling your feet. But this additional tap is also more than practical for filling watering cans or buckets.
The water temperature is regulated via the lever of the mixer tap in the middle of the solar shower.

Highlights at a glance:

-Integrated thermometer included
-Environmentally friendly and energy-saving thanks to solar energy
-Water temperature up to 60°C
-37 litre UV-resistant PVC tank
-Connection via standard garden hose
-Adjustable and rotatable shower head
-Additionally, a foot shower is attached in the lower area

Protection in wind and weather
The AREBOS cover protects your solar shower from rain and dirt. Furthermore, it can be closed compactly with 2 Velcro fasteners and a drawstring and offers little resistance in windy conditions.

Adjustable water temperature
Via a single-lever mixer tap, the warm water in the tank mixes with the cold water from the garden hose. This allows the water temperature to be continuously adjusted as desired.

Hose connector for garden hoses
The hose connector makes it easy to attach a garden hose to your AREBOS solar shower. Connect the solar shower to a standard garden hose and nothing stands in the way of showering pleasure, just like at home.

9. Aqua2Go GD320

With the Aqua2Go Campingshower GD320 you can finally shower independently from the washroom at the campsite or cool down in the garden on a hot summer day. Unlike many other camping or garden showers, the Aqua2Go GD320 does not even need a proper water connection, as it already has the necessary pump, which works independently of the mains thanks to the integrated battery. Cooling down from the rain barrel or water bucket. To use the Aqua2Go GD320 camping shower, you only need a bucket filled with clean water. The rain barrel in the garden also does a good job and helps to save valuable drinking water. Once the shower has been installed in a few simple steps, switch on the pump and sink it into the water. You can now enjoy the pleasant cooling effect. Long-lasting battery for long operating time. The lithium-ion battery integrated in the pump package has a capacity of 2200 mAh. This is sufficient for an operating time of between 45 and 60 minutes with one full charge. Once the energy supply is exhausted, you can recharge it in two to five hours with any standard USB charger. 

10. MyPool Solar shower

Without the pool you can use the shower as a little cooling in between. If you have a pool, it is best to take a shower before going into the pool. This way your pool water stays clean longer. 2-part plastic black UV-stabilized with single-lever mixer tap Shower head and drain valve for connection to common hose systems Straight version Total height: approx. 210 cm Lower part Height: 110 cm Ø: 12 cm Capacity: 10 litres