Cultivation containers

These culture pots and small containers are perfect for attracting seeds and then planting them out later. You will also find larger pots to give your plants more room to grow when needed. A nice alternative are planting bags which demand optimal root growth. If you are looking for sprout glasses you are also in the right place. 

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GEFU - Bivita rung glass (Sprouting jar, 13cm)

Eschenfelder - Glass bars (Sprouting jar, 13cm)

Eschenfelder - 3 rung system (Sprouting jar, 12.50cm)

Eschenfelder - Sprouting jar (Sprouting jar)

Vitavia - Metal sieves (Sprouting jar, 36cm)

Samen Mauser - Germinator Bioset (Sprouting jar)

Eschenfelder - Glass bars (Sprouting jar, 13cm)

Bio Green - Tomato plant tower Maxitom (Square plant pot, 25.50cm)

Gorilla Gardening - Plant bag (Plant pot round, 45cm)

Gorilla Gardening - Planting bag (Plant pot round, 35cm)

Elho - Green Basics Orchid (Plant pot round, 17cm)

Windhager - Breeding pots (Square plant pot, 6cm)

Siena Garden - Propagation greenhouse (Planter Box oblong, 14cm)

Elho - Paper Potter Big (Plant pot round, 6.50cm)

Siena Garden - Growing plate (Square plant pot, 14cm)