Climbing harnesses

Whether on the rock or for sport climbing in the hall, a climbing harness is mandatory and forms an essential part of the personal protective equipment for climbing. In the event of a fall, these are intended to safely catch the climber. Climbing harnesses come in a variety of designs. A hip belt, sometimes called a sit harness, consists of size-adjustable leg loops and a hip belt itself. It is versatile and is suitable for sport climbing in addition to classic mountaineering and via ferrata. Through the material loops attached to the waist belt, climbing utensils such as carabiners can be easily transported along and are thus always at hand. If heavy luggage is carried, it can make sense to use a chest strap as a supplement to the waist belt. However, this should always be worn in combination with a waist belt and under no circumstances alone. The so-called complete harness has a slightly different design. This consists of arm and leg loops and is relatively easy to use. This variant is preferred especially by children and beginners.

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