Crampons are an important piece of equipment for mountaineers and climbers. They give you grip and safety, especially on icy surfaces, glaciers or firn fields. They are mounted on the lower part of the shoe to gain more stability and grip. There are different types of crampons, which differ in material, shape and area of use.

The best-known crampons are probably those made of steel, which are particularly robust and durable. They are particularly suitable for use in tough alpine conditions and are therefore often found with professional mountain guides and in mountain rescue. However, there are also crampons made of aluminium, e.g. Grödel, which are lighter and therefore easier to transport. They are particularly suitable for easier tours and are therefore popular with recreational mountaineers.

Besides material and weight, there are also differences in the shape of the crampons. There are both front-prong and rear-prong crampons, which differ in their range of use. Front-prong crampons are particularly suitable for use on ice, while rear-prong crampons are used more on snow. The number of prongs can also vary, which also changes the grip on different surfaces.