Climbing holds

Climbing holds come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. The size and shape of a climbing hold determine how difficult a hold is to handle. Handles with pronounced edges are usually easier to grip than those with no edges at all. Basically, climbing holds can be divided into four types:
- Handles: Handle climbing holds are found on almost all climbing walls. These climbing holds are easy to grip and are often used on less challenging routes or on overhanging sections.
- Sloper: Sloper holds are rounded climbing holds that have no (or very few) edges. Climbers find these holds comfortable on the fingers, but they are difficult to climb due to the lack of edges.
- Ledges: ledge climbing holds are narrow and are grasped only with the fingers. They are used accordingly on more challenging routes.
- Pincers: Tong climbing holds, like ledges, are rather small. They can be gripped with the whole hand or, in the case of smaller models, with the fingers. Just like the ledges, they require a lot of force to use.
The colorful design of the climbing holds does not come about by chance. Rather, the color differentiation allows several climbing routes to be stuck into a small space. The choice of the right holds depends largely on the climbing ability of the target group and the inclination or nature of the climbing wall. Special children's climbing holds are also used for young climbers.
Different materials are used in production. While isolated climbing holds are made of wood or stone, nowadays mainly polyester (PE) or polyurethane (PU) is used. The quality is significantly influenced by whether fillers such as sand are added to the materials mentioned. Some producers have their holds certified to confirm that they comply with the valid EN standard.
No matter whether you want to set up your private climbing wall or a professional bouldering hall. With us you will certainly find what you are looking for. In addition to individual climbing holds such as handles, tongs, finger holes or slopers, you will also find complete climbing hold sets in our assortment. When buying, you should take into account whether the screws and drive-in nuts required for assembly are supplied directly with the holds or whether they have to be ordered separately.