What is a slackline?
Slacklines are narrow, slightly elastic flat bands on which you balance, jump and perform tricks. Slacklines are stretched between two fixed points. In the forest these can be two trees, in the city you simply stretch the slackline between two posts or pillars. For at home or in the park, there are also models with frames and base plates that do not require fixed points.

If you use trees as attachment points, make sure you do not damage the tree. There's tree shooters for that.
Longer slacklines ("longlines") are usually hung a bit looser and are therefore similar to a slack rope (also written "slack rope").
With us you will find the most important brands like Gibbon, Elephant and Huspo. You can easily order the slacklines online and have them delivered to your home.

Who is Slackline for?
Slacklines are suitable for everyone who wants to train their balance and posture in a playful way. Slacking also promotes the ability to concentrate.
The width of the flat band influences the stretching of the band and your surefootedness on it. The most common models are between 35 and 50 millimetres wide. The wider the belt, the less elongation and the easier it is to slack. Longlines are usually slightly narrower (25 mm) and require more practice and experience.

With the filter "Width" you can select the width of the band and find a slackline for children, beginners and professionals.