The ideal carabiner is light, stable and easy to handle. Depending on the application, different types of carabiners are used. So-called normal carabiners do not have a locking mechanism. This makes handling very easy, but it can also cause the carabiner to open unintentionally. Under no circumstances should they be used for personal safety or in situations where safety is critical. Like the normal carabiner, the material carabiner is not suitable for securing persons. Its range of use is limited, as the name suggests, to the transport or attachment of lighter equipment. With this carabiner, for example, a bidon can be easily attached to the backpack. As soon as it gets down to the nitty-gritty, for example when securing yourself or your partner, locking carabiners are used. This can be locked and thus offers increased security in contrast to the other models. Depending on the model, different locking systems are used. While manual locking devices (e.g. screwgate carabiners; Belay Master) must be actively closed, automated locking devices (e.g. twist-lock carabiners; slider carabiners; triple-lock carabiners) close automatically as soon as the gate is released.