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Charcoal BBQs

The charcoal grill is one of the most popular grills of all. And rightly so: the burning charcoal creates the characteristic smoky grill taste of barbecued food. The principle is simple: charcoal or briquettes are used to produce embers over which the meat or vegetables are cooked, boiled or baked. The temperature can be adjusted by means of air regulation in the lid. In addition, a height-adjustable grill grid helps to influence the heat of the barbecued food. Advantages and disadvantages Fans of traditional grilling love the taste of grilled meat, fish and vegetables infused by a smoky aroma and the romantic touch of an open fire. In addition, charcoal grills are available in all sizes and price categories, easy to transport and uncomplicated to set up and store. A disadvantage compared to electric grills or gas grills is that the production of embers takes time and that grilling outside is necessary due to the development of smoke. You should also keep an eye on the grill, as it is an open fire. Once the grill has reached the correct temperature, no time should be wasted, as charcoal burns up again quickly. After grilling you should let the grill, grill grid and ashes cool down before disposing of the ashes and cleaning the grill. Cleaning and care With aluminium drip trays you can avoid the adhesion and burning of grease and food residues. The charcoal grill should be cleaned regularly from the outside and inside - a mild detergent and soft household sponges will do. If you own a model with a lid, you can also burn out food leftovers when the lid is closed but the ventilation slide is open. When not in use, the grill should be protected from wind and weather by suitable covers or be placed in a dry place. Our charcoal grills is available in various sizes, materials and shapes from manufacturers such as Napoleon, Weber, Outdoorchef, LotusGrill or Broil King, whose kettle grill is considered a classic. Therefore grills with charcoal operation are also referred to as kettle grills. You will also find smoking grills and smokers in our product selection. The grill area depends on the size of the grill grate. We offer different models, from a simple grill to the noble ceramic grill. The type of charcoal grill you need depends on your cooking method, the grilling surface and the location. If you only want to fry smaller pieces of meat, you don't need a sophisticated model. However, if you also want to try larger pieces, you should opt for a model with indirect grilling: not only does it offer more space, but the temperature can also be regulated much better with a lid and air supply. The filters can help you find your desired grill among the many models. Fuel and igniters For charcoal barbecues you always need fuel and igniters. Fuel can be briquettes with a very long burning time and constant temperature with long ignition time and lower temperatures, or charcoal with a short ignition time, high temperatures but shorter burning time. In the case of igniters, ignition sticks are ecological and odourless but with a short burning time. Coal igniters and ignition cubes, on the other hand, are very powerful but not ecological.