Cable reels

Whether on the construction site, the campsite, in the garden or at home - if the distance to the next socket is too far, you are well advised to use a cable reel. The practical helper combines the services of an extension cable and a multiple socket, can be easily transported from A to B and puts an end to cable clutter.

The central component of the cable reel is the drum, which is rotated by a hand crank to neatly wind and unwind the cable. A variant of this is the cable reel with automatic cable retraction - similar to that used in vacuum cleaners. Depending on the model, you can connect and use several electrical devices, usually up to four, in parallel to the cable reel. Thus, in addition to the cable length, the number of socket outlets is a decisive purchase criterion.

But it is almost more important to be clear in advance about the place of use of the cable reel. As always, a healthy amount of caution is advised when using electrical appliances. To ensure that the cable reel is protected from moisture and dust outdoors, the choice for the outdoor area should at least be a device with IP44 protection. Another feature for more work safety should be mentioned here. To prevent overheating of the coiled cable, some models have a thermal protection switch or a pilot light. And finally, the cable color should not be chosen purely for aesthetic reasons. Bright colors can make the cable more visible in the grass, for example.