Best products in the Cable reels category

Here's a ranking of the best products in this category. To give you a quick overview, we've also added some key information about the products.

1. Max Hauri Cable retraction roller

Cable drum with automatic cable feed, with mounting bracket. Plug type output: T13, conductor cross-section: 1 mm², number of sockets: 1 ×, plug type input: T12, first side: supply cable L=2, 0m with plug type12 moulded on, second side: supply cable L=20.0m with coupling type13 moulded on. 

Max Hauri Cable retraction roller (20 m, 1 mm²)
Cable reels

Max Hauri Cable retraction roller

20 m, 1 mm²


2. Brennenstuhl Vario-Line VL-XL

Cable Box VL-XL Vario-Line 20m H05VV-F 3G1.0.

Brennenstuhl Vario-Line VL-XL (20 m, 1 mm²)
Cable reels

Brennenstuhl Vario-Line VL-XL

20 m, 1 mm²


3. Do it + Garden Mini cable reel

Cable reel Mini 15 m 4 sockets 10A cable H05VV-F 3G1mmq.

Do it + Garden Mini cable reel (15 m, 1 mm²)
Cable reels

Do it + Garden Mini cable reel

15 m, 1 mm²


4. Schönenberger Cable box

Protection class: IP20, Colour of details: Grey, Child protection: Yes, Outdoor use: No, Output plug type: T13, Material: Plastic.

Schönenberger Cable box (10 m, 1 mm²)
Cable reels

Schönenberger Cable box

10 m, 1 mm²


5. Max Hauri Cable reel

This 50 meter cable reel is made of durable plastic and is the optimal solution to connect up to max. 4 devices quickly and conveniently at the desired location. The cable has a robust PVC coating. To protect against overheating, the drum is equipped with thermal protection. The sturdy metal frame with the ergonomic handle ensures a perfect stand. 

Max Hauri Cable reel (50 m, 1.50 mm²)
Cable reels

Max Hauri Cable reel

50 m, 1.50 mm²


6. Brennenstuhl Guarantor ST

ST Garant 240 25m H05VV-F 3G1.5 Red

7. Steffen Cable retraction roller

The Steffen cable retraction roller has a length of 11 m and is equipped with an overheating protection and a control light. The cable sheathing is made of plastic and is classified in protection class IP20, which means that the electronic components are safely inside the roll protected from contact. Thanks to the 2 m long connection cable, you are relatively free when it comes to the radius of movement to the next socket. 

Steffen Cable retraction roller (11 m, 1.50 mm²)
Cable reels

Steffen Cable retraction roller

11 m, 1.50 mm²


8. Brennenstuhl Camping cable drum

Garant G CEE 3 IP44 Camping/Maritime cable drum 25m H07RN-F 3G2,5
For camping and permanent outdoor use, IP 44.
CEE angle coupling 230 V/16 A including protective
contact combination socket 230 V with self-closing cover + 230 V/16 A CEE plug.
Extension cable drum with plug and coupling.
Innovative cablepilot handle for perfect cable routing. Swings on both sides for easy carrying and hanging.
With rotary handle for convenient reeling.
Reel body made of special plastic on galvanised carrying frame.
Belt fixation for effortless winding and unwinding of the cable.
The RN cable is very robust, oil-resistant and particularly suitable for professional use.
Cable in signal colour orange, helpful to prevent potential tripping hazards.
Overheating protection, indicator light in case of overheating and overload.

The Garant G CEE 3 IP44 camping / maritime cable drum with 25m cable length from Brennenstuhl convinces with its quality and safety in all areas. The CEE cable drum is ideal for use on the campsite or outdoors. It also convinces with the following features:

The RN cable is very robust, oil-resistant and particularly suitable for rugged use
Protection class: IP44
Cable designation: H07RN-F 3G2,5
Cable length: 23 + 2m
Cable colour: orange
Reel diameter: 290 mm
Rated current: 16 A.

Brennenstuhl Camping cable drum (25 m, 2.50 mm²)
Cable reels

Brennenstuhl Camping cable drum

25 m, 2.50 mm²


9. Max Hauri lawn mower drum

Lawn mower drum 50m, socket 1x type 13, plug 1x type 12, cable H05VV-F3G1.5 (TD3x1.5mm2).

10. Max Hauri Construction site cable reel

Cable box 15m IP44, sockets 4x type 13, IP44 with hinged cover, cable H07RN-F3G1.5 (GDV3x1.5mm2), black, 15m, with thermal protection, with handle, colour: black, suitable for construction sites according to SUVA guideline 

Max Hauri Construction site cable reel (15 m, 1.50 mm²)
Cable reels

Max Hauri Construction site cable reel

15 m, 1.50 mm²