Boilers are an important component in every household to provide hot water. There are two main types of boilers: instantaneous water heaters and hot water storage tanks.

Instantaneous water heaters are small, energy-efficient devices that provide hot water immediately when it is needed. They usually do not have a large volume and take a short time to heat up the water. This type of boiler is best suited for small households or occasional use.

Hot water tanks, on the other hand, have a larger volume and can store hot water for a longer period of time. However, they need more time to heat up the water, but are ideal for larger households or for constant use.

When choosing a boiler, it is important to remember that volume and heating time are important factors. The larger the volume, the more hot water can be provided, but the heating time can be longer. On the other hand, smaller boilers take less time to heat up but cannot provide as much hot water.