Kitchen faucets

There are also taps made specially for the kitchen. In some cases, these can be further divided into low-pressure and high-pressure taps. Kitchen taps are mounted above the sink or basin. When choosing a kitchen faucet, you should pay particular attention to how far above the sink the tap should be. If you choose a high-arc kitchen faucet (a kitchen faucet with a high spout), you’ll have significantly more space to wash larger dishes or pans without damaging them, or simply to wash lettuce. Kitchen faucets, as opposed to bathroom faucets, are usually not mounted in a fixed position, but swivel from left to right.

In both the kitchen and bathroom, it can be convenient if the faucet offers a pull-out hose with a head. This alone increases the versatility of the tap, for example, by making it easier to rinse the whole sink, reach parts of the body other than your hands, or to do the dishes more hygienically.

A current trend is water-saving faucets, which automatically reduce the volume of water flowing through them.

We carry a wide range of faucets from the brands Grohe, Franke, Diaqua and many more.